Letter from the e-Learning Ambassador

Pascal Juillerat, e-Learning Ambassador

Pascal Juillerat 

Dear ECCO Members,

What a wonderful ECCO Congress we had in Copenhagen! It was truly lovely to see everyone again at our first face-to-face Congress since 2020.

With summer just a week away, I am happy to update you all on the new and exciting content on the e-CCO Learning Platform.

In my previous letter, I mentioned the revamped, new-look platform. If you have not had the chance to explore it yet, I recommend that you take a look! 

I am happy to announce that we have introduced new content on the e-CCO Learning Platform:

  • The ECCO Nurse IBD Curriculum aims to create a structured e-Learning education programme, specifically tailored towards IBD Nurses, by building on the original IBD Curriculum and adapting it for IBD Nurses and connecting it to the N-ECCO Consensus Statements.
  • The IBD Communication Toolbox is a series of podcasts, recorded by gastroenterologists, where you can hear how IBD experts deal with questions that are commonly asked by patients. The questions and topics addressed were selected in collaboration with patient representatives, ensuring that these are IBD questions with high relevance for the patients you meet in your practice. Additionally, each podcast focusses on tips and tricks in discussing important issues in IBD with patients – this is an invaluable learning experience to expand trainees’ communication toolbox.
  • The Optical Diagnosis Training to Improve Dysplasia Characterisation in IBD (OPTIC-IBD) is an advanced training programme developed by Marietta Iacucci and her team. This programme aims to improve your ability to endoscopically characterise colonic dysplasia and polyps in IBD patients. By completing the programme, you will be able to recognise the role of optical diagnosis, describe endoscopic lesions in IBD using validated classification systems and improve your prediction of histology.

We also have the following new content:

MASTER Talking Heads

Talking Heads 57

Talking Heads 58

Talking Heads 59

Talking Heads 60

MASTER e_Course

Multidisciplinary perinatal care in IBD

More new and stimulating content is due to be released very soon, including several new e-Courses and Educational Audio Podcasts.

Pascal Juillerat

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