ECCO Country Member Profiles: Lithuania


Name of group: IBD Group of Lithuanian Society of Gastroenterology

Number of active members: 28

Number of meetings per year: 4–5

President and Secretary:

Gediminas Kiudelis: President

Juozas Kupčinskas: Secretary General

National Representatives: 

Limas Kupčinskas

Gediminas Kiudelis

Joined ECCO in:

The IBD Group of Lithuanian Society of Gastroenterology joined ECCO in 2002.

Incidence of IBD in the country: 11.6/100,000

What has changed since your society became an ECCO Country Member?

Prof. Limas Kupcinskas was an active member of the group that developed the first UC and CD management guidelines, and Prof. Juozas Kupčinskas is a member of the Microscopic Colitis Guidelines Group.

We have been able to host two ECCO Workshops in Lithuania, to collaborate in the EPI-IBD study and to participate in ECCO Meetings and postgraduate courses for young doctors.

What are the benefits to you of being an ECCO Country Member?

The benefits have included ECCO Meetings and Educational Courses, access to research networks, etc., as well as the possibility of using the UR-CARE database for research.

Is your society making use of the ECCO Guidelines?


Have you developed research projects with other countries through your ECCO Country Membership?


Have you developed educational activities with other countries through your ECCO Country Membership?


Has your country been involved in a fellow exchange through your ECCO Country Membership?


What are your main areas of research interest?

IBD epidemiology, gut microbe interactions and modification, genetics, microbiota transplantation, and microscopic colitis.

Does your centre or country have a common IBD database or bio bank?

Yes, we have a bio bank and an IBD Database at our centre, and we have signed a contract with UR-CARE.

What are your most prestigious/interesting past and ongoing projects?

International IBD genetic consortium, EPI-IBD, development of new methods for intestinal microbiota modification.

What are your aims for the future?

Participation in multicentre clinical and basic research projects supported by ECCO.

How do you see ECCO helping you to fulfil these aims?

By providing possibilities for collaboration.

What do you use ECCO for? Network? Congress? How do you use the things/services that ECCO has to offer?

We use ECCO both to network and for its Congresses.

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