Letter from the ECCO President

Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, ECCO President

Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet


Dear Friends,

I hope that all ECCO Members will be vaccinated when reading this article except maybe a few Y-ECCO Members!

This is the second issue of ECCO News this year and the 16th Congress of ECCO is fastly approaching.

You will find in this issue the grant study synopsis reports highlighting the strong and continuous ECCO support for high-quality science. The announcement of the 19th ECCO IBD Intensive Course for Trainees is an example of the unique educational activities led by ECCO at the international level. The implementation of the concepts of tight monitoring and treat-to-target into routine practice have been associated with an increasing use of endoscopic and cross-imaging techniques. In this context, the success is guaranteed for the 3rd ECCO Basic Imaging Workshop and the 8th ECCO Ultrasound Workshop, done in close collaboration with ESGAR.

Standardization of IBD management is a huge challenge that is being tackled by ECCO. In this regard, the two upcoming topical reviews on optimizing reporting of cross-sectional imaging as well as on optimising reporting in surgery, histopathology and endoscopy will represent a landmark step to improve quality of care in IBD worldwide. We all know that IBD Nurses have a key role in IBD management. ECCO has to be proud of the hard work done by N-ECCO that can be already considered as a success story. In addition to the ECCO IBD Nurse Education Programme, I strongly encourage you to participate in the survey investigating the impact of COVID pandemic on IBD Nurses. We should also thank Y-ECCO for their very interesting literature reviews. I really enjoyed reading the text on personalized medicine (as you can anticipate, we are not yet there!) and as well as the articles on the specificities of histology and pharmacokinetics of anti-TNF in pediatric IBD. It is one of the reasons why we need P-ECCO! The interview of Dr Banerjee from India is outstanding and provides a different view on IBD management from what we see in daily practice in Europe. For instance, her department is running a unique rural mobile health programme to disseminate good quality of care across all India. I am sure that fostering collaborations between ECCO and the « IBD – Emerging Nations Consortium » founded by Dr Banerjee could benefit to our patients. Last but not least, you have to listen to the audio interview with JCC's Editor-in-Chief Larry Egan. Larry has contributed a lot to the growth and visibility of ECCO thanks to our journal JCC, but also thanks to his friendship and his vision of our organisation in general.


Stay safe and get vaccinated!

Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet

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