Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

15th Congress of ECCO, February 12-15, 2020, Vienna/Austria

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Scientific Programme

Scientific Session 9: Basic Science: Big Data research
Sebastian Zeissig, Dresden, Germany
Laurence Egan, Galway, Ireland


55: OP32: Mincle signaling promotes intestinal mucosal inflammation through induction of macrophage pyroptosis and neutrophil chemotaxis in Crohn's Disease


Scientific Session 10: Multidisciplinary cases
Dan Turner, Jerusalem, Israel
Marc Ferrante, Leuven, Belgium
Pierre Michetti, Lausanne, Switzerland
Yves Panis, Clichy, France
Frank Ruemmele, Paris, France

Digital Oral Presentation Session 2 -
Assessment of disease and therapy response 

DOP15: Transmural healing with vedolizumab in patients with active Crohn's Diesease
Shaji Adsul


DOP16: An evaluation of the exposure-efficacy relationship for subcutaneous vedolizumab maintenance treatment of Chron's Diesease: Pharmacokinetic findings from VISIBLE 2
Maria Rosario

Digital Oral Presentation Session 3 -
Improving care of IBD

DOP19: Real-world healthcare resource utilisation among patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease administered vedolizumab for 6 months
Jason Rogers, New York, United States


DOP23: Endoscopic evaluation at one month after Ileocolic resection for Crohn's Disease predicts postoperative recurrence and is safe

Digital Oral Presentation Session 6 -
New insights into pathogenesis of IBD

DOP49: Quantitative proteomics analysis of macrophages from Crohn's Disease patients and infected with adherent-invasive Escherichia coli
Anthony Buisson, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Digital Oral Presentation Session 8 -
Current and novel targets for IBD agents

DOP66: A CEACAM5 small peptide restores the suppressive activity of CD8 + T cells in patients with Crohn's Disease
Stefania Vetrano, Rozzano, Italy


DOP68: Thiomyristoyl Ameliorates Colitis by blocking the differentiation of Th17 Cells via STAT3/IL-6 Signal Pathway

Digital Oral Presentation Session 10 -
Fighting the F's: Fat and fibrosis in IBD

DOP90: The role of Nlrp9b, a novel NLR member in regulating experimental colitis

Educational Programme

6th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop


Whole blood TREM-1, marker of anti-TNF non-responsiveness in IBD
Bram Verstockt, Leuven, Belgium

14th N-ECCO Network Meeting


N01:Factors related to self-medication with corticosteroids, aminosalicylates or analgesics and reasons given by patients with Ulcerative Colitis from Spain

Sabela Fernandez, Madrid, Spain