Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

20th Congress of ECCO, February 19-22, 2025, Berlin, Germany

23rd IBD Intensive Course for Trainees

"We could promise nothing from this course, except hard work."
(Words of Welcome at the 1st IBD Course)

The annual IBD Intensive Course for Trainees is a 1 day course which takes place prior to the ECCO Congress. It was initiated in 2003 by EduCom with the general aim to provide advanced fellows and junior faculty in gastroenterology with a multidisciplinary broad base of knowledge in inflammatory bowel disease. Participation is based on invitation; students are nominated by the ECCO National Representatives. The course offers an excellent opportunity for young clinicians and researchers to meet colleagues from many European countries with different standards of medicine and establish a network for future collaboration.

In every course a pre- and post-test is held in order to document the learning effect provided by ECCO.