David Wilson, Marina Aloi, Johan Van Limbergen, Lissy de Ridder, Amit Assa

       P-ECCO Mission

  • Improve knowledge on paediatric-specific IBD issues
  • Support and facilitate research into paediatric IBD
  • Interact with the Porto IBD WG of ESPGHAN


ECCO-ESPGHAN Paediatric CD Guidelines

P-ECCO and ESPGHAN have successfully updated the Guidelines on Paediatric CD Treatment throughout the last year aiming at the publication in JCC in early 2020.

P-ECCO Courses

10th P-ECCO Educational Course

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New Paediatric Educational Workshop

P-ECCO is planning to organise another Educational Workshop on paediatric IBD where clinical cases will be presented and discussed.

P-ECCO | Members

Lissy de Ridder

Lissy de Ridder

P-ECCO Chair

Johan Van Limbergen

Johan Van Limbergen

Amit Assa

Amit Assa

Dror Shouval

Richard Hansen