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Over the past years, ECCO has successfully published a considerable number of Consensus Guidelines on important topics of IBD. These guidelines will be updated on a regular basis; and there is the strong commitment to ensure user-friendliness. Thus ECCO is striving to contain the number of published Guidelines in order to avoid the publication of too many separate Guidelines manuscripts and to keep the information as concise as possible.

At the same time, the progress of research raises new topics, which ECCO is covering with the new series of publications “ECCO Topical Review”.  These expert reviews are distinct from guideline papers and reserved to areas with yet limited evidence-based information. They focus on a particular topic related to the diagnosis, classification, or management of inflammatory bowel diseases and are authorised by ECCO by following the respective standard operating procedures. Expert opinion consensus endorsed by ECCO is the core feature of this procedure.

ECCO Topical Reviews: Current overview 

Topics Publication
Fibrosis February 2016
IBD in the Elderly November 2016
Environmental Factors in IBD December 2016
Research Gaps in Diet in IBD August 2017
Transitional Care in IBD February 2017
Exit Strategies for IBD Treatments 
August 2017
Complementary Medicine and Psychotherapy 
March 2019
Perioperative Dietary Therapy September 2019
Optimising Reporting in Surgery, Endoscopy, and Histopathology

January 2021

Clinopathological Spectrum & Differential Diagnosis

Summer 2021

ECCO-ESGAR: Optimising Reporting in Cross-sectional Imaging Summer 2021
Refractory IBD Summer 2021
Roadmap to Perioperative Care in IBD Spring 2022
Multidisciplinary Perinatal Care in IBD May 2023
Biological Treatment Cycles in CD July 2023
Predictive Models on IBD disease Course and Treatment Response Late 2024
Pouch-related disorders Early 2025
IBD-like patterns of drug colitis, with practical guidance and a focus on immune checkpoint inhibitors  Mid 2025
Optimisation in Therapy Early 2026



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