ECCO Position Statements

Access list of published ECCO Position Statements

ECCO Position Statements are a publication category complementary to ECCO Guidelines. They address areas of great importance for the IBD Community. Topic selection as well as the agreed workflow are therefore subject to ECCO Governing Board decisions. These publications are subjective assessments and can be supported by a survey and/or a voting procedure. The authors group should moreover include representatives of relevant ECCO Committees.



The Use of Biosimilar Medicines in the Treatment of IBD

August 2013

The Use of Biosimilars for IBD  - an Update

December 2016

ECCO IBD Curriculum

January 2017

Quality of Care  Standards in IBD

February 2020

Harmonisation of the Approach to UC Histopathology

June 2020

IBD Management During the COVID-19 Outbreak: The Ten Do’s and Don’ts from the ECCO-COVID Taskforce

July 2020

Development of a Core Outcome Set for Real-world Data in IBD

Early 2022

Harmonisation of Crohn’s disease mucosal Histopathology

Early 2022

Definitions of histological abnormalities in IBD

January 2023