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SWS newsflash pic roundcornerScientific Workshop 8: “Postoperative CD recurrence after ileocolonic resection: unanswered questions in definition, pathophysiology, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment"

The call for participation for SWS 8 has closed. 

General information - ECCO Scientific Workshops: 

ECCO Scientific Workshops aim at unraveling unanswered questions in the field of IBD, producing authoritative reviews and thus contributing to the body of knowledge. The workshops are launched bi-annually by our Scientific Committee (two-year process per workshop).

These workshops address a single question, with working groups performing a systematic review to be published and setting the goals for research to answer the question.

All interested basic scientists are welcome to apply prior to the deadline. Participants follow a strict ethical code including the agreement not to use discussions and resolutions outside of ECCO and to follow pre-discussed rules on publication and authorship. No direct industry sponsoring will be accepted.


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