Gianluca Pellino, Charlotte Hedin, Johan Burisch, Bram Verstockt, Mark Samaan

       Y-ECCO Mission

  • Maintain friendship and collaboration between young clinicians and scientists
  • Encourage scientific and clinical development to support continuing involvement in ECCO Activities
  • Participate in the educational and scientific activities
  • Act as a platform for all young clinicians and scientists


Coming in Summer 2022: 1st Y-ECCO Mentorship Forum

Vienna, Austria

This stand-alone event is aimed at transferring career and scientific knowledge from senior experts to juniors gastroenterologists within the field of IBD. The Y-ECCO Mentorship Forum is about questioning, challenging, guiding and encouraging young doctors to develop skills and take steps to become the professional they want to be. In addition, this forum should enable the participants to network with their peers and senior KOLs for potential future scientific collaboration.


9th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop

The Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop was launched at the ECCO'15 Congress in Barcelona by the Y-ECCO Committee. This workshop invites young basic scientists to present and discuss their own research with peers and senior opinion leaders.

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Y-ECCO Networking Corner at ECCO's Hearts and Minds Interaction


Y-ECCO/ClinCom call for Y-ECCO Small Research Survey Proposals

The call for survey proposals is currently closed. 

Y-ECCO | Members

Charlotte Hedin

Charlotte Hedin

Y-ECCO Chair

Mark Samaan

Mark Samaan

Gianluca Pellino

Gianluca Pellino

Bram Verstockt

Bram Verstockt

Robin Dart