N21 Patient education is (sometimes) better than cure.

Müskens, B.(1)*;

(1)Amsterdam UMC, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; P. (Petra) Waayenberg MSc K.H.N. (Nanne) De Boer MD PhDA S. (Sigrid) Müller-Schotte OD PhD FAAOB


About half of all patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) experience Extra Intestinal Manifestations (EIMs)1. One of these EIMs are non-inflammatory joint complaints. Preliminary research2 has shown that IBD patients treated by Amsterdam university medical centers (UMC) experience a lack in pre-symptomatic patient education regarding these complaints. The patients interviewed in this preliminary study were all unaware of the possible development of these joint complaints in addition to their IBD.


A practice-oriented study was set up. Both qualitative and quantitative research techniques were used. Literature research into innovations for patient education was performed. Questionnaires were distributed among IBD patients in Amsterdam UMC to identify wishes and needs regarding patient education about non-inflammatory joint complaints. To determine how this education is provided elsewhere, questionnaires were distributed among caregivers of IBD patients in other Dutch hospitals.


According to literature research, verbal education, information leaflets, informational websites, group education and educational programs contribute to an increased knowledge of disease in IBD patients. Surveyed IBD patients from Amsterdam UMC wish to be informed about non-inflammatory joint complaints via verbal education or by information leaflets and/or internet. Of the surveyed caregivers in other Dutch hospitals, the majority do not have educational materials and/or methods about (non-inflammatory) joint complaints. Information is given verbally by most of them. The innovation is an information leaflet entitled 'Joint complaints in IBD'. This can be used to support verbal patient education and can be used as a reference work. The leaflet is also offered via internet.


Offering the information leaflet 'Joint complaints in IBD' is an appropriate innovation that meets the wishes of IBD patients in Amsterdam UMC with regard to patient education about non-inflammatory joint complaints. The leaflet is preferably used to support verbal patient education and is subsequently given to the IBD patient as a reference work or offered via the internet. Content optimization is recommended. Afterwards, a pilot implementation can be set up. After implementation, further research is recommended to investigate whether the innovation actually contributes to optimization of pre-symptomatic patient education about non-inflammatory joint complaints.