P079 The expression of some circulating micro RNAs and serum Vitamin D levels in IBD patients

Atanassova, A.(1);GeorgievaPhD, A.C.(1);

(1)Medical university- Varna- Bulgaria, University Hospital St. Marina- Clinic of Gastroenterology, Varna, Bulgaria;


Serum miRNAs are secreted during the inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and therefore  could  affect  the  regulatory  functions  of  vitamin  D  and  its  signal  pathways  negative feedback 1,2,3. Additional  tests  are  therefore  needed  to  discover  the  correlation  between  the levels of vitamin D and the circulating miRNAs in patients with IBD.


The aim of this study is to assess the correlation between the serum levels of vitamin D and the expression of some miRNAs (Hs_miR-28_1, Hs_miR- 29c_1,  Hs_miR-96_1, Hs_miR-191_1, Hs_miR-451_1, Hs_miR-142-5p_1, Hs_miR-199a_1, Hs_miR-363_1, Ce_miR39_1, Hs_miR-144_4,  Hs_miR-142-3p_2,  Hs_miR-155_2 , Hs_miR-16_2, Hs_RNU6-2_11, Hs_miR-1228-2p_1)  in a total of 50 patients with IBD: 27 with CD and 23 with UC. Serum levels of 25(OH)D were measured and correlated with serum CRP,  FCP,  IBD  activity  and  the  expression  of  different  miRNAs.  Correlation  of  levels  of miRNAs with some clinical factors as 25(OH)D deficiency, treatment with corticosteroids or anti-TNF antibodies was also done.         


There is a significant difference (р=0.007) between the serum Vitamin D levels in patients with active disease   (39.83 nmol/L ± 15.32 nmol/L) and those in remission  (54.19 nmol/L ± 18.54 nmol/L). IBD activity is a risk factor for a decrease in the serum Vitamin D levels (OR=5.77 (1.552-21.503; p<0.01).
We found a weak inverse proportional correlation between levels of CRP and Vitamin D (r=-0.114;p<0.05). The correlative analysis found an inverse proportional weak to moderate  correlation between the levels of FCP and Vitamin D (r=-0.259; p<0.01). The expression of miRNA-28_1 and miRNA-1228-3p_1 is increased in patients who normalized their Vitamin D levels. All others miRNAs have a higher expression in Vitamin D (25(OH)D) deficiency.
In  Vitamin  D  (25(OH)D)  deficit,  the  expression  levels  of  all  tested  miRNAs  were elevated  if  the  patients  received  treatment  with  corticosteroids  or  monoclonal  anti-TNF antibodies.


There  is  a  correlation  between  the  serum  expression  of  different  miRNAs and the Vitamin D levels in patients with IBD. Prospective cohort trials may identify  the precise role of vitamin D as immune regulator as well as its relation to the expression of some  miRNAs,  participating  in  the  processes  of  the  pathogenesis,  the  optimization  of  the treatment  and  monitoring  of  the  effect  of  different  therapeutic  regimens  as  a  part  of  the personalized management.