P253 Are we doing enough to prevent colectomy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) patients? A 5-year review of colectomy rates in Shropshire and Mid-Wales UK (2015-2019).

Javed, A.(1);Butterworth, J.(1);Townson, G.(2);

(1)Shrewsbury & Telford Hospitals NHS trust, Gastroenterology, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom;(2)Shrewsbury &Telford Hospitals NHS Trust, Gastroenterology, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom;


Colectomy for IBD significantly impacts the psycho-social aspects & quality of life.


Electronic records were retrospectively analysed for colectomy rates & parameters of interest.


68 patients (Men 37:Women31), median age 30 years had colectomies. Annual colectomy rates remained constant;7 (2015), 20 (2016), 11 (2017) & (2018) each and 19 (2019). 28% had colectomy within 1 year of diagnosis and only 63% received a biologic agent. Over half, (54%)had emergency surgeries & 37% experienced infections, re-laparotomy and ileus (20% each).


There is an opportunity to risk-stratify patients at diagnosis based on the risk factors (men, younger age, severe/extensive disease) to a top-down therapy & treat to target strategy to reduce colectomy rates.