P304 Intensified versus conventional infliximab induction in acute severe steroid-refractory Ulcerative Colitis

Pedro, J.(1);Coelho Rodrigues, I.(1);Botto, I.(1);Fernandes, S.(1);Bernardo, S.(1);Gonçalves, A.R.(1);Moura Santos, P.(1);Valente, A.(1);Correia, L.(1);Tato Marinho, R.(1);

(1)Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, Gastrenterology, Lisboa, Portugal;


Infliximab is effective as salvage therapy in severe steroid-refractory Ulcerate Colitis. However, up to one third of patients do not respond to this treatment and require surgery. There is still insufficient evidence regarding the benefits of intensified infliximab induction regimens in this setting.


Retrospective study including 51 patients meeting the Truelove and Witts criteria for severe acute Ulcerative Colitis with refractoriness to intravenous steroids requiring infliximab rescue therapy. We compared patients under conventional infliximab induction therapy (n=29) with patients performing an intensified infliximab induction regimen (n=22), defined as a higher dose/shorter interval of treatment during induction.


There was no difference in respect to median age [IQR] (32.0 [27.0-43.0] vs 42.0 [29.0-58.0], p=0.116), and male gender (69.0 % vs 63.6%, p= 0.458) between patients with conventional or intensified infliximab. Compared to patients with conventional induction, patients under optimized infliximab presented reduced admission to intermediary/intensive care unit (4.5% vs 31.0%, p= 0.019), and surgery (13.6% vs 41.4%, p= 0.031). There were no differences in deaths (3.4% vs 9.1%, p=0.396), readmission rates (17.2% vs 28.6%, p= 0.270), and median duration [IQR] of hospitalization (19.0 [10.5-31.0] vs 12.0 [8.0-15.5], p=0.094) between patients with conventional or intensified regimens. In a multivariate analysis, the use of an intensified infliximab induction regimen was associated with a lower risk of surgery (OR 0.224 95%CI [0.054-0.929], p= 0.039).


In this small cohort, there was some suggestions that intensified infliximab induction may improve treatment outcomes in acute severe steroid refractory Ulcerative Colitis.