P512 Vedolizumab is effective in the prevention and treatment of postoperative recurrence in patients with Crohn´s disease

Kadleckova, B.(1);Podmanicky, D.(2);Lipovska, A.(1);Zelinkova, Z.(1);

(1)St. Michael`s Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology&Digestive Endoscopy, Bratislava, Slovakia;(2)St. Michael`s Hospital, Surgery, Bratislava, Slovakia;


Vedolizumab (VDZ), an anti-integrin monoclonal antibody has demonstrated its efficacy in inducing and maintaining response in patients with luminal Crohn`s disease (CD). Postoperative recurrence (POR) affects over half of the patients with CD and currently, majority of these patients undergo surgery due to primary or secondary failure of anti-tumor necrosis factor (antiTNF) biologics. Thus, data on efficacy of other agents in this setting are needed. Considering the slow onset of action of VDZ together with its favorable safety profile in older and co-morbid patients, VDZ would represent a good candidate for preventing and treating POR but the data on its efficacy in this specific clinical situation are scarce. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of VDZ in preventing and treating of Crohn`s disease postoperative recurrence.


In this retrospective single-center cohort study, we included all patients with CD treated with VDZ between May 2015 and August 2020. Patients who started with VDZ immediately postoperatively or continued from the pre-operative period (prevention of POR) or patients who started VDZ because of clinical or endoscopic POR (treatment of POR) with a minimal follow-up of one year were eligible for further analysis. The effect of VDZ was determined by Harvey-Bradshaw Index ≤ 4 in case of prevention of POR, or as any decrease of 3 or more points in case of treatment of POR. Endoscopic response was evaluated by Rutgeerts` score as any decrease of the score. All patients underwent the colonoscopy at 6 months postoperatively and further follow-up colonoscopy one year after treatment adjustment.


In the defined period, a total of 54 patients with Crohn`s disease were treated with VDZ. Of these 54 patients, sixteen (11 women; median age 57 years, range 25-75) receive VDZ for prevention (6) or treatment (10) of postoperative recurrence. Six patients received first-line VDZ due to high risk profile for systemic biologics (age and/or co-morbidities), the remaining ten patients all had previously failed at least one anti-tumor necrosis factor biologic agent.

During the median follow-up of 24 months (range 12 to 70), thirteen patients (81%) had clinical response or achieved remission, eleven (69%) had endoscopic response. Three patients with no response had to change the treatment to another biologic. Out thirteen responders, seven (54%) necessitated intensification of dosing regimen to every 4 or 6 weeks in order to achieve clinical and/or endoscopic response.


Vedolizumab is effective in preventing and treating of Crohn`s disease postoperative recurrence in a difficult-to-treat population of patients.