P680 Epidemiology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Poland 2009-2020: nationwide data

Zagórowicz, E.S.(1);Walkiewicz, D.(2);Kucha, P.(1);Perwieniec, J.(2);Maluchnik, M.(2,3);Wieszczy, P.(4);Reguła, J.(4);

(1)Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center Institute of Oncology, Department of Oncological Gastroenterology Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland;(2)Ministry of Health in Poland, Department of Analyses and Strategies, Warsaw, Poland;(3)Medical University of Gdansk, Adult Neurology, Gdańsk, Poland;(4)Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, Department of Gastroenterology, Warsaw, Poland;


The epidemiology of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Poland has only been recognised to a limited extent. We aimed to estimate the prevalence and incidence of the disease by analysing data from the National Health Fund, the sole public health insurer.


Administrative health claims collected over the 2009-2020 period were used to identify patients with Crohn’s disease (CD) or ulcerative colitis (UC). A definition of a case comprised ≥2 records assigned K50 or K51 codes, plus ≥2 prescriptions for IBD drugs reimbursed, or else intestinal surgery preceding the record. The crude and European age-standardised rates (EASR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) were calculated for the prevalence and incidence. Time trends were also analysed.


As of 2020 there were 23,574 patients with CD and 73,235 with UC. The CD and UC prevalence was respectively 61.6 [EASR 60.3 (95% CI 59.5-61.0)] and 191.4 [EASR 187.85 (95% CI 186.5-189.2)] per 100,000. The prevalence of CD was higher in men [64.1; EASR 61.3 (95% CI 60.2-62.5)] than in women [59.3; EASR 58.4 (95% CI 57.3-59,5)]. Similarly, the prevalence of UC was higher in men [201.4; EASR 202.7 (95% CI 200.5-204.8)] than in women [182.0; EASR 175.5 (95% CI 173.7-177. 4)]. The incidence of CD was 4.7 per 100 000 [EASR 4.6 (95% CI 4.4-4.8)], while of UC 12.5 [EASR 12.3 (95%CI 12.0-12.7)]. Through the period 2012-2018, the prevalence of both conditions rose, even as downward trends were noted for disease incidence.The prevalence of Crohn’s disease in Poland by age groupAge of onset of Crohn’s disease in females and males in Poland in the years 2012-2020The prevalence of ulcerative colitis in Poland by age groupAge of onset of ulcerative colitis in females and males in Poland in the years 2012-2020


The prevalence and incidence of IBD in Poland are presented, with time trends showing substantial increase in the disease burden over the years 2009-2020.