P877 Risk of gastric cancer among patients with incident ulcerative colitis: A nationwide population based study.

Kim, H.S.(1)*;Kim, H.(1);Kim, K.(1);

(1)Yonsei University Wonju College Of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Wonju, Korea- Republic Of;


Few studies have investigated the risk of gastric cancer (GC) in ulcerative colitis (UC), with inconsistent results. This study assessed GC risk in patients with newly diagnosed UC.


Using claims data of the Korean National Health Insurance (NHI) from January 2006 to December 2015, we identified incident UC patients. UC was defined using the International Classification of Diseases-10 codes and UC-specific prescriptions. Age and sex-matched non-UC individuals during the same period were randomly selected as controls from the NHI database. Hazard ratios (HRs), adjusted for covariates, were calculated using multivariate Cox proportional-hazards regression.


From 2006 to 2015, 30,546 patients diagnosed with UC and 88,829 matched non-UC individuals were included. GC developed in 77 (0.25%) UC and 383 (0.43%) non-UC individuals. The HR for GC in UC patients was 0.60 (95%CI: 0.47–0.77) compared to non-UC individuals. When stratified according to age and sex, the HR for late-onset UC (≥40 years) was 0.63 (95%CI: 0.49–0.80) compared to non-UC for the same age, and the HR of male UC patients was 0.55 (95%CI: 0.33– 0.89), compared to non-UC men. Among UC patients, the HR for age ≥40 years was 23.37 (95%CI: 6.38–85.64).


UC patients had a decreased GC risk compared to non-UC individuals. In particular, UC patients aged ≥40 years and male UC patients had a decreased risk of GC compared to non-UC individuals. However, among UC patients, late-onset UC (≥40 years) had a higher risk of GC than early-onset UC.