D-ECCO 2018 - The New Committee on the Block has Demonstrated its Mettle

Arie Levine, D-ECCO Member

11 Arie LevineArie Levine © ECCO

This ECCO News Issue is the perfect opportunity for me to express awe and gratitude: awe for the dedicated dietitians of D-ECCO, who have accomplished so much, and gratitude to the Governing Board of ECCO, which detected this emerging need in IBD and supported its development within ECCO, allowing me to be part of the process.

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Treatment of functional bowel symptoms in IBD

Miranda Lomer, D-ECCO WG Member

Miranda LomerMiranda Lomer  ©  ECCO

At least a third of patients with inactive IBD have coexisting functional bowel symptoms (e.g.  abdominal pain, bloating, increased flatulence, diarrhoea and/or constipation) and these symptoms may be mistaken for active IBD. Patients may also experience increased anxiety/depression and reduced quality of life. Objective markers of disease activity (histological and inflammatory markers, e.g. faecal calprotectin, C-reactive protein), in conjunction with assessment of clinical symptoms, help to distinguish between functional bowel symptoms and active IBD. Identification of functional bowel symptoms in inactive IBD is important to avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful treatment strategies; on the other hand, active disease should be excluded before establishing that symptoms are functional in nature.

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