Report on the 9th ECCO Ultrasound Workshop – Advanced in collaboration with ESGAR, virtual 2022

Christian Maaser, EduCom Member

Christian Maaser

While the ECCO Basic Imaging Workshop in collaboration with ESGAR had to be postponed until next year’s ECCO Congress due to the need to change to a virtual format at rather short notice, the 9th ECCO Ultrasound Workshop – Advanced in collaboration with ESGAR did take place and proved a big success, bringing together 114 colleagues from 34 countries, including not just European countries but also, for example, the United States, Uruguay, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India and Australia.

Participants were interested in learning about the newest developments in IUS as well as in receiving tips and tricks from internationally known IUS experts.

Rune Wilkens from Copenhagen, Denmark started the workshop by introducing scoring activity and response in IBD, and Torsten Kucharzik from Lüneburg, Germany explained how to do standardised reporting and documentation. Krisztina Gecse from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Heba Al Farhan from Kuwait City, Kuwait revealed their tricks on how to detect complications in UC and CD, respectively, and Giovanni Maconi from Milan, Italy explained how to optimise the IUS image. The workshop ended with a start-of-the-art lecture from Maria Antonietta D’Agostino, a rheumatologist from Rome, Italy. Maria, who is an internationally renowned expert on the use of IUS in rheumatology, explained what we can learn from the rheumatologist’s experience.

One very important pillar of this IUS workshop was the interactive video case discussions, and the many comments and questions in the chat made this workshop as interactive as was possible virtually. For several of the participants the workshop was also the third and last part of their IBUS training curriculum prior to their receiving the IBUS IUS certificate, though not before passing the post-course test. While all the speakers and moderators, and hopefully all the participants, once again very much enjoyed this interactive workshop, we are keeping our fingers crossed that next year we will be able to see each other in person again in order to interactively discuss the newest developments and scientific projects in IUS.

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