Report on the 68th ECCO Educational Workshop, Cascais, Portugal

YoungGEDII - Paula Sousa, Joana Roseira, Maria Manuela Estevinho & Sónia Bernardo


The 68th ECCO Educational Workshop took place at the Hotel Cascais Miragem on April 6, 2022, in Cascais, Portugal. This event - the first ECCO live meeting since the COVID 19 pandamic - brought together more than 120 participants and was the perfect launch to GEDII’s Annual Meeting, which began on the following day. The workshop featured interactive discussion on various clinical scenarios and hot topics in IBD.

Sunny Cascais was a lovely setting for the first face-to-face workshop since the beginning of the pandemic. It was great finally to meet old friends and to have an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

The ECCO Faculty comprised Henit Yanai and Shaji Sebastian, who were joined by the local faculty comprising Fernando Magro, Paula Ministro, Luís Correia, Helena Tavares de Sousa, Isadora Rosa, Samuel Fernandes and Diana Martins. All faculty members were involved in the presentation and discussion of the cases. The environment was easy-going, allowing delegates and pupils to join the discussion so that all participants could learn from various experiences and different settings.

The workshop was divided into four sessions, and topics were directly related to daily challenges in clinical practice. The morning sessions focused on oral and other extraintestinal manifestations in IBD, Acute Severe Colitis and medication-related complications. In the afternoon, we discussed both therapy escalation and de-escalation strategies. Afterwards, difficult scenarios to manage, such as patients' comorbidities and cancer, took centre stage. The scene was set with a clinical case, on which the discussion was based.

It was a great pleasure once again to have an ECCO Educational Workshop in Portugal, and we can’t wait for the next one!


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