Report on the 14th N-ECCO School at ECCO'23

Miriam Ganon, ECCO Member

Miriam Ganon

The N-ECCO School ran for the first time in 2010. Its aim is to deliver knowledge on basic aspects of IBD in a clear and precise manner in order to enable nurses and those with an interest in the subject to provide better support to IBD patients throughout Europe and beyond. In addition, the N-ECCO School has come to serve as a great networking opportunity for both nurses and dietitians, allowing them to share experiences and plans for furtherance of their careers and demonstrating the importance of the MDT approach to IBD care.


A total of 66 nurses and dietitians from 20 countries participated at the 14th N-ECCO School in 2023. The programme was based on experiences from the 2022 School while incorporating adjustments required for in-person presentation following last year’s Zoom presentation.

International clinicians, nurses and dietitians were invited as presenters. The programme opened with an excellent overview of anatomy, physiology and clinical presentation of IBD and diagnosis by Marc Ferrante from Leuven, Belgium, which was followed by a talk on nutritional assessment in IBD by Emma Halmos from Australia. The third speaker of the morning was Wladyslawa Czuber-Dochan from London, United Kingdom, who discussed the vital topic of the psychosocial implications of living with IBD, including the prevalence of psychosocial problems and the importance of screening for anxiety and depression.

After the coffee break, Michel Adamina from Winterthur, Switzerland, provided a summary of surgeries conducted in IBD and explained how to approach the topic of surgery with IBD patients. He was followed by Charlotte Hedin from Sweden, who summarised medical treatment in IBD. Susanna Jäghult from Stockholm, Sweden, gave an introduction to adherence among IBD patients, covering treatment adherence, adherence with follow-up care and compliance with routine testing.

The second session included case studies of treatment management. Mark Samaan from the United Kingdom presented a case of Ulcerative Colitis and. Ebbe Langholz from Denmark presented a case of Crohn's Disease.

N-ECCO would like to thank the participants for attending the N-ECCO School. Thanks are also due to all speakers and chairs, to the ECCO Office for organising everything, to the N-ECCO Committee Members for supporting and planning this day and to the N-ECCO National Representatives for their contributions.

14th N-ECCO School at ECCO'23

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