Report on the 71st ECCO Educational Workshop, Zagreb, Croatia

Firas Rinawi, P-ECCO Member

Firas Rinawi
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The 71st ECCO Educational Workshop took place at The Westin Zagreb, Croatia, on June 16, 2023. This event brought together participants from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Italy. The workshop focused on the field of paediatric IBD and featured interactive discussions on various clinical scenarios and hot topics in paediatric IBD.

The always attractive city of Zagreb provided a lovely setting in Eastern Europe, with pleasant weather, a fine diversity of Croatian cuisine and wonderful vibes. It was great to meet colleagues once again and to have an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

The ECCO Faculty comprised Amit Assa and Firas Rinawi (P-ECCO Members), who were joined by the local faculty comprising Iva Hojsak and Sanja Kolacek. All faculty members were involved in the presentation and discussion of the cases. The environment was interactive and the presentations were based on case reports, allowing delegates to join the discussions so that all participants could learn from different experiences in different local settings.

The workshop was divided into four sessions, and topics were directly related to daily challenges in clinical practice in children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The morning sessions focused on diagnosis and assessment and on nutrition in Crohn’s Disease. In the afternoon, we discussed the natural history of both Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. Afterwards, the popular topics of optimisation of therapy, drug discontinuation, exit strategy and post-surgical approach took centre stage. The participants were amazing, becoming highly involved in the discussions, asking a lot of questions and sharing many ideas and personal approaches from their clinical practice and experience.

It was indeed a great pleasure to have an ECCO Educational Workshop in Croatia, and we can’t wait for the next one!

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