Report on the 72nd ECCO Educational Workshop, Cartagena, Colombia

Natália Queiroz, EduCom Member

Natália Queiroz

The 72nd ECCO Educational Workshop occurred in Cartagena, Colombia, on September 14th, 2023, uniting participants from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The workshop featured interactive discussions on different clinical scenarios emphasizing the multidisciplinary approach and state-of-the-art lectures on hot topics in IBD.

The ECCO Faculty, including me and Manuel Barreiro (EduCom Members), alongside local faculty Fabian Juliao, Viviana Parra, Laura Osorio, Claudia Corso, Margareth del Toro, Fabio Gil, Faruk Hernandez and Diana Mora, actively engaged in presenting and discussing cases. The atmosphere was dynamic, with presentations based on case reports, allowing the 130 delegates in different career stages and from different backgrounds to contribute and learn from diverse experiences.

The workshop's sessions addressed daily challenges in IBD and popular topics included lectures on extraintestinal manifestations in IBD and Paediatric Crohn’s disease. Dr. Viviana Parra, an IBD expert and rheumatologist, and Dr. Diana Mora, a pediatric gastroenterologist, delivered insightful presentations on these subjects. Participants displayed high enthusiasm, actively engaging in discussions, posing numerous questions, and sharing valuable insights derived from their clinical practices.

Cartagena, a captivating city in South America, offered a picturesque backdrop with pleasant weather, diverse Colombian cuisine, and lively vibes. Meeting new colleagues and reconnecting with old friends was a pleasure, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and idea exchange.

Hosting the ECCO Educational Workshop in Colombia was truly delightful, creating high anticipation for the next one!

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