Report on the 11th ECCO Ultrasound Workshop – Advanced in collaboration with ESGAR & IBUS

Mariangela Alloca, EduCom Member

Mariangela Allocca 

The 11th ECCO Ultrasound Workshop – Advanced in collaboration with ESGAR & IBUS, was held on site during the 19th ECCO Congress in Stockholm in February 2024, as a part of ECCO's Educational Programme.

It proved to be a resounding success, bringing together 147 colleagues from 37 countries.

Each oral presentation was followed by interactive discussions featuring ultrasound video case presentations. Specifically, Bram Verstockt from Belgium and Emma Calabrese from Italy opened the workshop with discussions on the use of IUS as a key factor in clinical decision-making for CD and UC. The first part of the workshop concluded with a focus on unmet needs and future directions.

In the second part, sessions were dedicated to the practical applications of IUS in specific contexts. These included discussions on postoperative recurrence by Lauren White from Australia, the use of transperineal ultrasound in patients with IPAA by Torsten Kucharzik from Germany and the applicability of IUS in pregnancy by Floris de Voogd from the Netherlands. Participants actively engaged with interactive video presentations, sparking numerous questions and discussions.

For many participants, this workshop also marked the third and final segment of the IBUS IUS training course. At the conclusion of the meeting, they underwent a test, thereby completing their training and obtaining the final IUS training certificate.

As evidenced by the immediate feedback, the speakers, moderators and most participants highly appreciated this interactive workshop, which provided an invaluable platform for discussing the latest applications of IUS in the management of patients with IBD.

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