EpiCom welcomes new faces and salutes outgoing members

Sophie Restellini, EpiCom Chair

Sophie Restellini

Change is the engine that propels scientific progress, and within this dynamic, committees evolve. As members transition, embracing fresh perspectives, the spirit of innovation flourishes, shaping the path ahead. Amidst this journey, EpiCom is pleased to introduce Paul Henderson while bidding farewell to Julien Kirchgesner.

Paul Henderson

Paul currently serves as a paediatric gastroenterologist in Edinburgh, Scotland, a position he has held since 2015. He underwent extensive training in paediatric GI across Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London and has had a specific research interest in paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease, exploring aspects of epidemiology, genetics and mucosal immunology and building several cohort studies. With his background in paediatrics, Paul brings a fresh perspective to our committee. We anticipate that Paul's involvement with EpiCom will enable him to influence clinical epidemiological studies within ECCO, advocating for its importance among clinicians and researchers.

Simultaneously, we acknowledge the departure of Julien Kirchgesner, a valued member who served as chair until this year. Julien's contributions, covering EpiCom initiatives including participation in three successful workshops, initiation of a topical review on predictive models and a methodological educational project, as well as his expertise in pharmacoepidemiology, have left an indelible mark on our group.

As Julien embarks on new ventures by joining the ClinCom committee, we express our gratitude for his commitment to our group and wish him every success in his future activities. 

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