N-ECCO activities in Vienna 2020

Ana Ibarra, N-ECCO Member

Ana Ibarra 

Once again, N-ECCO is offering an outstanding range of clinical and educational opportunities for nurses attending the ECCO’20 Vienna Congress.

The programmes for each activity continue to be developed on the basis of the evaluation forms from the previous year in order to meet your needs. Thank you so much for providing your feedback, which helps us to improve all the N-ECCO Activities.

The 11th N-ECCO School can be a good starting point for less experienced IBD nurses to interact with other nurses from across Europe and beyond. Basic knowledge, medical and surgical treatment options, adherence to medications and the different nurse roles in IBD management are examples of the topics that will be covered in the planned presentations. The N-ECCO School will be again open to dietitians as well as IBD Nurses.

N ECCO School Group Picture10th N-ECCO School at ECCO'19, Copenhagen © ECCO

The 14th N-ECCO Network Meeting will once more cover a wide variety of subjects, with presentations by expert speakers from several centres across Europe. This year we won’t be having the session alongside our P-ECCO Colleagues, so we will be starting the N-ECCO Network Meeting early in the morning. All nurses are invited to join this session, which will open with an amazing piece of work, the IBD Nurse Education Programme, that N-ECCO, alongside other members of ECCO, have worked really hard to achieve. Nurses will then present their research abstracts, 15 minutes each, in order to encourage discussion. In the first afternoon session, the one and only Christine Norton will focus on an area that I personally assign a high importance to. I am, of course, referring to the management of fatigue, pain and incontinence. This will be followed by discussion of a pressing hot topic – new treatments in IBD. In the final session, we have organised an MDT discussion together with a Q&A session on how to manage complex IBD patients. I am sure this will be extremely interesting and will lead to a lot of discussion.

Thu 07713th N-ECCO Network Meeting at ECCO'19, Copenhagen © ECCO

The 6th N-ECCO Research Forum will take place again at ECCO’20, after a break in 2019. The course date is February 12, 2020. This educational course is an excellent forum for nurses to develop their research skills, which is very important. At this year’s programme, we will be discussing the journey of a novel researcher as well as how best to develop research questions in the hope that we can motivate as many nurses as possible to do more research. We will also have workshops on research project planning and we will be discussing how to set up and run clinical trials, clinical trial terminology and processes, and issues such as patient recruitment.

Wednesday 1345th N-ECCO Network Meeting at ECCO'18, Vienna © ECCO

Nurses can attend further workshops and courses at ECCO’20, such as the 5th D-ECCO Workshop, the 7th P-ECCO Educational Course and, of course, the main Scientific Programme of the ECCO Congress throughout the rest of the week.

The full programmes for all Educational Courses as well as the Scientific programme can be reviewed on the ECCO’20 Congress Website.

Vienna in February 2020 will be the place to be for all who want to learn about and share up-to-date IBD medicine with colleagues, doctors and nurses. We very much look forward to seeing you there for another excellent educational event that will provide an ideal opportunity for networking with colleagues from around the world.

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