Opportunities for IBD Nurses – N-ECCO Travel Award and N-ECCO Research Grant

Petra Hartmann, N-ECCO Member

Petra Hartmann 

One of the main goals of ECCO is to promote IBD research as well as to foster interaction and productive collaboration among European research groups working in the IBD field. To achieve this goal, ECCO continues to award Grants, Fellowships and Travel Awards. ECCO offers IBD Nurses across Europe the opportunity to apply for the N-ECCO Travel Award and the N-ECCO Research Grant.

The N-ECCO Travel Award is offered to IBD Nurses who plan to visit another IBD centre in Europe, and provides nurses with the opportunity to observe nursing care. The level of education for IBD Nurses varies a lot across Europe; therefore the Travel Award is a great way to gain an impression of how IBD Nurses are working in other countries. 

A total of EUR 1,500 is awarded to the successful applicant. The call for applications for the N-ECCO Travel Award 2023 will open in January 2022 and will appear on the ECCO Website.


The N-ECCO Research Grant aims to enhance the opportunities for IBD Nurses to perform their own scientific research in the area of IBD Nursing. The total amount of EUR 20,000 can be awarded to one big project or split up and given to two smaller projects. The N-ECCO Research Grant is designed to support international IBD Nursing research. Typically, research for N-ECCO Grant projects is coordinated by a senior researcher and conducted by IBD Nurses in a number of other European centres. The coordinator acts as the principal investigator and is responsible for the accomplishment of the study.

Please refer to the ECCO Website and the N-ECCO Research Grant Fact Sheet. The call for the N-ECCO Research Grant 2023 will open in January 2022 and will appear on the ECCO Website.

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