Submit your congress abstract and share your research and clinical developments

Susanna Jäghult, N-ECCO Chair, Wladzia Czuber-Dochan, N-ECCO Member

Susanna Jäghult

Wladzia Czuber-Dochan

We know that all nurses constantly strive to enhance the standard of patient care, and this is also true for IBD services. The best way for nurses to improve patient care is by developing their knowledge and skills and applying them in clinical practice. Many nurses are actively involved in research and practice innovation projects that aim to improve patient care and quality of life. We believe that it is important to share with all nurses the information gained from such projects. The new discoveries made in your own practice may also be beneficial for colleagues and patients in other countries. N-ECCO offers a great opportunity for you to share your work with others, and we would like to invite you to tell us about the important work that you are doing in your clinic.

Each year the number and quality of the conference abstracts submitted by nurses are increasing, and this year we would like to break the record for the number of abstracts that are presented, showing the great work that nurses are doing in Europe and worldwide. You can present the work that you have been part of, or that you have been leading on in your research or clinical practice. We, the Nurses of ECCO, enjoy reading the abstracts and listening to your presentations. We take pleasure in talking to you at your posters and being inspired by your enthusiasm for improving patient care. The best three abstracts are selected for oral presentation. This time, it could be you presenting your paper and educating and inspiring others.

At the last ECCO Congress in Vienna, in the N-ECCO Network Meeting, we listened to passionate presentations on factors related to self-medication with corticosteroids, aminosalicylates or analgesics (Spain), the IBD-BOOST programme concerning the development of a digital self-management intervention for fatigue, pain and urgency (UK) and the impact that disease burden may have on patients with IBD from the viewpoint of quality of life and depression (Japan). All the presentations stimulated much interest and lively discussion. We can learn a lot from one another and take that knowledge back to our own clinical practice.

See you in person at the next ECCO Congress. Don’t delay. Submit your abstract today!

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