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5th S-ECCO International IBD Workshop

Antonino Spinelli, S-ECCO Member; Paulo Kotze, EduCom Member

Antonino SpinelliAntonino Spinelli
Paulo Kotze2Paulo Kotze

Barranquilla, Colombia

Last August, during the Colombian national congress of colorectal surgery, the 5th S-ECCO International IBD Workshop took place in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. The programme was developed by S-ECCO and the workshop was held over one and a half days during the 3-day Colombian congress. Several current and previous ECCO Committee Members were involved in the programme: Willem Bemelman (HOL), ECCO Secretary; Antonio Lopez San-Roman (SPA), EduCom Chair; Marc Ferrante (BEL), ClinCom Chair; Paulo Kotze (BRA), EduCom Member; Janindra Warusavitarne (UK) and Andre D’Hoore (BEL). Other international guests, including Phil Fleshner (USA), Stephan Holubar (USA), Sergio Araujo (BRA) and Fabio Teixeira (BRA), also made substantial contributions to the programme. The faculty was completed by experienced Colombian gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons and worked together in an outstanding scientific atmosphere.

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