Report on the 10th ECCO Ultrasound Workshop – Advanced in collaboration with ESGAR & IBUS

Mariangela Alloca, EduCom Member

Mariangela Allocca 

Finally, after a hiatus of two years owing to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the 10th ECCO Ultrasound Workshop – Advanced in collaboration with ESGAR & IBUS took place physically at ECCO’23 in Copenhagen.

The workshop proved a big success, bringing together 125 colleagues from 33 countries. As in pre-COVID times, it sold out quickly. Christian Maaser, from Germany, and Clas-Göran Af Björkesten, from Finland, opened the workshop by describing the latest innovations in the use of intestinal ultrasound (IUS) in Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, respectively. Bram Verstockt, from Belgium, revealed his tricks on how to detect chronic changes in IBD. Michael Dolinger, from the United States, explained differences and similarities between ultrasound parameters in adults and children. Finally, Rune Levring Wilkens, from Denmark, gave a lecture on research gaps in the application of IUS in IBD. Participants actively took part thanks to interactive video presentations that stimulated a lot of questions and discussion. Furthermore, several of the participants concluded the third and final part of their IBUS training curriculum and received the IBUS IUS certificate.

Once again, all the speakers and moderators, and hopefully all the participants, very much enjoyed this interactive workshop, which affords the opportunity to interactively discuss the newest developments and scientific projects in IUS.

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