ECCO Fellowships & Grants Abstracts

Isabelle Cleynen, SciCom Chair

At ECCO’24, Stockholm, the winners of the ECCO Fellowships and Grants programme received their certificates, presented by SciCom Chair Marc Ferrante together with President Britta Siegmund. This year, a record number of grants were awarded, including the new Global Grant designed for low and lower-middle income countries as well as the IIS Registry Grant given for the first time. 

BMS Sponsored
ECCO would like to thank Bristol Myers Squibb for their unrestricted grant support for basic science research, registry, nutrition and nursing projects. BMS have no input or influence on the overall grant process.

Please see all the research projects and abstracts listed below. 

ECCO Pioneer Award Functional assessment of the microbiome in persistent IBD-related psychological symptoms
D Laukens

ECCO Global Grant Genetic risk factors for IBD in its emergent phase in sub-Saharan Africa
N M Croft and others

ECCO Fellowship Effect of diet on disease development and faecal microbiota transplantation efficacy in humanized SAMP/Yit and DSS mice models
Sara Deleu and Franco Scaldaferri

ECCO Fellowship Generation of an IBD single-cell multiome ATLAS for deeper understanding of IBD sub-phenotypes
Paola Pibiri and Carl Anderson

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