53rd ECCO Educational Workshop in Bucharest, Romania

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September 28, 2017

The 53rd ECCO Educational Workshop was held in Bucharest, Romania on September 28, 2017.  The faculty comprised Giovanni Maconi (Italy) and Marc Ferrante (Belgium), as well as Liana Simona Gheorghe, Alexandru Lupu, Roxana Zaharie and Dan Ionut Gheonea from Romania.

The workshop was very well attended, with a total of 88 participants from all parts of Romania. The international faculty from the conference also attended and actively participated in the workshop. Case-based discussions on topics relevant to the local IBD experience were well received by the audience. These discussions covered the management of six IBD cases and in addition there were two state of the art lectures:

Case 1: Acute Severe Colitis – R. Zaharie, Cluj, Romania
Case 2: Imaging and new diagnostic steps in CD – G. Maconi, Milan, Italy
Case 3: Fistulising disease – M. Ferrante, Leuven, Belgium
Case 4: Pregnancy and IBD – A. Lupu, Bucharest, Romania
Case 5: Recurrent complicated ileocaecal Crohn’s Disease – R. Zaharie, Cluj, Romania
Case 6: Stopping drugs, exit strategy – A. Lupu, Bucharest, Romania
State of the Art Lecture: Mucosal healing – G. Maconi, Milan, Italy
State of the Art Lecture: Pregnancy and IBD – M. Ferrante, Leuven, Belgium

Discussion of the first three cases was chaired by Liana Simona Gheorghe and Giovanni Maconi while discussion of the remaining three was chaired by Dan Ionut Gheonea and Marc Ferrante. At the end of the workshop Dan Ionut Gheonea delivered some final remarks, concluding a successful and productive 53rd ECCO Educational Workshop.

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