Call for applications for ECCO Fellowships, Grants and Travel Awards

Sebastian Zeissig, SciCom Chair

Sebastian Zeissig 

Dear ECCO Members and Friends, 

ECCO has established Fellowships, Grants and Travel Awards to encourage and support young physicians in their careers and to promote innovative scientific research in IBD.   

Deadline for applications for ECCO Grants: August 2, 2021

ECCO Pioneer Award

The ECCO Pioneer Award is intended to fund up to 24 months of basic and/or clinical research in IBD that is visionary, innovative and interdisciplinary. The Pioneer Award has been created for collaborative research projects; however as of 2021 we will also accept single-centre applications (including single PI applications).

  • Award: EUR 300,000 per Pioneer Award
  • Number of Pioneer Awards: 2

ECCO Multi-Year Research Grant

In 2022, one ECCO Multi-Year Research Grant may be awarded to encourage and support innovative basic and/or clinical scientific research in the area of IBD across Europe. The selected topics for the ECCO Multi-Year Research Grant are:

  • Evaluation of novel modalities of disease monitoring in patients treated with JAK inhibitors (ultrasound/RMN/fibrosis evaluation)
  • Early disease control via JAK inhibition

The project group must consist of at least 2 participating institutions from different countries.

  • Award: EUR 200,000
  • Number of ECCO Multi-Year Research Grants: 1 exceptional award
  • With the support of Pfizer


ECCO Grants aim to support innovative scientific, translational or clinical research in Europe.

The target audience is young basic and/or clinical scientists not older than 40 years, or if older than 40 years, who are within 5 years of the date of completion of their GI training or PhD graduation (a certificate needs to be provided).

  • Award: EUR 80,000 per Grant
  • Number of Grants: 8


ECCO Fellowships have been created for individuals younger than 40 years who submit an original research project in the field of IBD which they wish to undertake abroad in a European host laboratory and/or department for the duration of one year.

  • Award: EUR 60,000 per Fellowship
  • Number of Fellowships: 2

N-ECCO Research Grant

The N-ECCO Research Grant aims to enhance the opportunities for IBD Nurses to become involved in international research projects across Europe. The aim is to encourage IBD Nurses who are less experienced in research to get involved while being mentored by senior researchers.

  • Award: EUR 20,000
  • Number of N-ECCO Research Grants: 1

ECCO Travel Awards

ECCO Travel Awards are offered to young investigators who plan to visit different IBD centres in Europe, with the intention of learning scientific techniques or being a clinical observer. IBD Nurses can apply for the N-ECCO Travel Award, which provides nurses with the opportunity to visit European centres to observe nursing care.

Dietitians in IBD can apply for the D-ECCO Travel Award to visit European IBD centres, to observe and learn about diet and nutrition in IBD.

  • Award: EUR 1,500 per Travel Award
  • Number of Travel Awards: 6 (incl. 1 N-ECCO Travel Award and 1 D-ECCO Travel Award)

ECCO-AOCC Visiting Travel Grants

ECCO-AOCC Visiting Travel Grants are for European investigators who plan to visit an IBD centre in Asia, or for Asian investigators who plan to visit an IBD centre in Europe, with the intention of learning about advanced endoscopy or being a clinical observer.

  • Award: EUR 10,000 per Travel Grant
  • Number of ECCO-AOCC Visiting Travel Grants: 2

ECCO-IBUS Intestinal Ultrasound Research Grant

The purpose of the ECCO-IBUS Intestinal Ultrasound Research Grant is to support clinical excellence in investigating the utility of intestinal ultrasound in the assessment of patients with IBD. It is aimed at established candidates within clinical units with expertise in IBD and the performance of intestinal ultrasound who have routine access to an ultrasound machine within their own institute.

  • Award: EUR 20,000
  • Number of Research Grants: 1

For detailed information on ECCO Fellowships, Grants and Travel Awards, including eligibility and the submission process, please visit the ECCO Website:


We look forward to your application!

Sebastian Zeissig, SciCom chair

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