Interview with N-ECCO National Representative Croatia

CroatiaNensi Lusičić 
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Croatia   Croatia

N-ECCO National Representative:
Nensi Lusičić
Job Title:
 IBD Nurse



What influenced your decision to apply for the role of N-ECCO National Representative for your country?
Opportunity to become more involved in IBD.

What IBD nursing initiatives, N-ECCO Network opportunities or developments in IBD care are happening in your country?
We are focussed on the education and networking through the educational meetings and workshops in purpose to expand our knowledge and increase quality of care for our patients. 

What are the challenges for IBD nursing in your country, both on a personal and on an organisational level?
Improve professional nurse status by emphasizing importance and impact of IBD nurse care.

Are you aware of all the opportunities that N-ECCO can offer you?
We are aware of all the opportunities that N-ECCO offer us.

Is your role as N-ECCO National Representative clear and have you received enough assistance from N-ECCO in this role?
The role and the responsibilities of N-ECCO National Representatives are completely clear and we feel entirely support by N-ECCO.

How would you like to see N-ECCO develop?
As suggested on our N-ECCO National Representative Meeting at the ECCO’19 Copenhagen Congress, fundamental and advanced (masterclass) IBD nursing course.

What plans do you have in your role as National Representative to promote ECCO to other nurses in your country (including the N-ECCO School, Research Forum and Network Meeting)?
Encourage young nurses who are involved in IBD care to attend N-ECCO activities and support them at the site if necessary.

What barriers or problems do you perceive in doing this?
The main barriers are shortage of time due to work load and funding and language.  

The N-ECCO Travel Award offers nurses an excellent opportunity to learn and share best practice. How do you plan to promote this to nurses in your country?
N-ECCO Travel Award is a wonderful opportunity and we attend to promote it through our associations.

Do you use the N-ECCO Consensus Statements in your country? If ‘yes’, how do you use them? If ‘no’, why don’t you use them?
As a N-ECCO National Representative I had the honour to participated in the review process for Second N-ECCO Consensus Statements. We use N-ECCO Consensus Statement as a cornerstone for educational activities and we intend to translate it in the Croatian language.

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