Interview with N-ECCO National Representative Portugal

Clarisse Nogueira Maia
© Clarisse Nogueira Maia

N-ECCO National Representative:
Clarisse Nogueira Maia
Job Title: 


What influenced your decision to apply for the role of N-ECCO National Representative for your country?

I have worked with IBD patients for a long time, delivering IV drug administration in an outpatient clinic.

What IBD nursing initiatives, N-ECCO network opportunities or developments in IBD care are happening in your country?

We have an annual meeting of the IBD Group to promote IBD in Portugal.

What are the challenges for IBD nursing in your country, both on a personal and on an organisational level?

At the personal level, the biggest challenge is to find the time to update my knowledge on IBD. This is especially true for nurses who have low motivation. At the organisational level, the challenge is to create the IBD as a specialty.

Are you aware of all the opportunities that N-ECCO can offer you?

Yes, I am aware of all the opportunities and I appreciate the support received from N-ECCO.

Is your role as N-ECCO National Representative clear and have you received enough assistance from N-ECCO in this role?

Yes, I do value my position as N-ECCO National Representative for Portugal and I understand how important it is to promote N-ECCO Initiatives in my country.

How would you like to see N-ECCO develop?

I would like to see N-ECCO take further steps to promote IBD Education throughout Europe.

What plans do you have in your role as National Representative to promote ECCO to other nurses in your country (including the N-ECCO School, Research Forum and Network Meeting)?

I plan to encourage more IBD Nurses from Portugal to attend the N-ECCO Network Meeting. I also plan to raise awareness of the need for IBD Nurses in Portugal.

What barriers or problems do you perceive in doing this?

The challenge is to convince the national authorities of the need for IBD Nurses in Portugal.

The N-ECCO Travel Award offers nurses an excellent opportunity to learn and share best practice. How do you plan to promote this to nurses in your country?

I shall emphasise that the N-ECCO Travel Award is a unique opportunity to learn and to establish a network.

Do you use the N-ECCO Consensus Statements in your country? If ‘yes’, how do you use them? If ‘no’, why don’t you use them?

Yes, the N-ECCO Consensus Statements help me to guide IBD practice.

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