Report on the 4th D-ECCO Workshop at ECCO'19

Dearbháile O’Hanlon, D-ECCO Member

Dearbhaile O'Hanlon 2019Dearbháile O’Hanlon 

As a new member of the D-ECCO Committee it is a pleasure to review the 4th D-ECCO Workshop at the 14th Congress of ECCO. This year we had an excellent attendance of 140 attendees from across the multidisciplinary areas, including dietitians, nurses, physicians and clinical researchers.

The programme was divided into three sessions.

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Report on the 8th S-ECCO IBD Masterclass at ECCO'19

Yves Panis, S-ECCO Chair

Yves PanisYves Panis

The 8th S-ECCO IBD Masterclass (held in collaboration with the European Association of Coloproctology, ESCP) was organised to take place during the 14th Congress of ECCO in Copenhagen. As in previous years, it was a full-day masterclass, and this year it attracted 183 participants.

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New Committee Members in P-ECCO

David Wilson, P-ECCO Chair

David WilsonDavid Wilson

The mission of the Paediatric Committee of ECCO is improving knowledge on paediatric-specific IBD issues as well as supporting and facilitating research into paediatric IBD. During the ECCO Congress in Copenhagen, P-ECCO said goodbye to Patrick van Rheenen and Jaroslaw Kierkus. We greatly thanked them for all their contributions to P-ECCO and welcomed two new members: Johan van Limbergen and Amit Assa

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Report on the 5th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop

Nuha Yassin, former Y-ECCO Chair

Nuha Yassin v3Nuha Yassin

Dear Y-ECCO Friends,

We hope you are all well and that you enjoyed the ECCO Congress. We certainly did, and we were very pleased to meet many new members at the Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop as well as to catch up with familiar faces. This year our workshop was over-subscribed, and the room was jam-packed. Our participants consisted of a mixture of basic scientists, clinicians, clinician scientists, nurses, trainees and senior members. We are delighted that our Basic Science Workshop appeals to everyone and caters for many needs. 

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Report on the 11th Y-ECCO Career Workshop at ECCO'19

Johan Burisch, Y-ECCO Member

Johan BurischJohan Burisch

Every two years, Y-ECCO arranges a workshop addressing topics about career and skill development for young researchers and physicians. We thereby aim to address important topics that are not fully covered during the rest of the ECCO Congress. This year the workshop took place for the 11th time, with the overall topic being modern career-enhancing skills. 

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UR-CARE Training Centre at ECCO'19


Report on the main feedback and questions from the delegates


At the 14th Congress of ECCO, the UR-CARE Team received positive feedback from delegates who tried UR-CARE at the UR-CARE Training Centre. Most delegates were very satisfied with the ease of use of the platform and pleasantly surprised that it was free for physicians. Having a standardised platform among the different centres was also very welcomed. People were impressed by the possibility of creating personalised reports of their patients and of having access to a statistical module with the use of desired filters (a timesaving and major asset compared to Access or Excel databases).

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New JCC feature: Podcasts

Tim Raine, JCC Associate Editor

Tim Raine wrc 2016
Tim Raine 

We are excited to announce this new feature to support readers of the Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis (JCC). Since January, key papers accepted for publication in the journal are being accompanied by a short (5-7 minute) audio recording, made available from the Journal homepage.

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SMART SIMPLICITY - Tillotts Symposium Report

Simplifying treatment options and processes

The satellite symposium sponsored by Tillotts Pharma was introduced by the Chair, Geert D’Haens, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Due to the nature of the disease, treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is complex. National and international guidelines are available to aid the decision making of the treating physician, but in clinical practice, differences exist between textbook and reality. Below we provide a summary of the presentations of the two speakers.

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ECCO News Associate Editors’ Summary of the 2019 Y-ECCO Abstract Awards and Top 10 DOPs

Nuha Yassin and Ignacio Catalán-Serra, ECCO News Associate Editors

Nuha Yassin v3
Nuha Yassin 
Ignacio Catalán Serra 2019
Ignacio Catalán-Serra
© Ignacio Catalán-Serra

For this second issue of ECCO News in 2019, we would like to continue to review the excellent scientific content presented at the recent annual ECCO´19 annual meeting held in Copenhagen.

We would like to focus our attention this time on the contribution of the Y-ECCO Members, summarizing the five Y-ECCO Abstract Awards for this year, as well as to provide a comprehensive review of the ten awarded digital oral presentations (DOP).

We hope that this representation of high-quality research combining epidemiological, basic and clinical aspects of inflammatory bowel disease is of interest for a wide range of ECCO Members and helps encourage and inspire future innovative work.

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