Open Call for the UR-CARE Steering Committee (- the official Advisory Board of IBDIM)

Filip Baert, Britta Siegmund, Ebbe Langholz and Javier Gisbert

We hereby cordially invite you to consider applying for the 4 open positions on the UR-CARE Steering Committee (= the official IBDIM Advisory Board). The office period lasts for 2 “elect Member years” and 4 official years, starting with the calendar year 2022.

This call is open for applications by individual experts, who are supported by one of the ECCO Committees. The applicant serves as an individual expert and not in direct representation of the committee.

The application deadline is September 13, 2021.

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UR-CARE Training Centre at ECCO'19


Report on the main feedback and questions from the delegates


At the 14th Congress of ECCO, the UR-CARE Team received positive feedback from delegates who tried UR-CARE at the UR-CARE Training Centre. Most delegates were very satisfied with the ease of use of the platform and pleasantly surprised that it was free for physicians. Having a standardised platform among the different centres was also very welcomed. People were impressed by the possibility of creating personalised reports of their patients and of having access to a statistical module with the use of desired filters (a timesaving and major asset compared to Access or Excel databases).

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The UR-CARE registry has been validated and is ready for use

Johan Burisch, Y-ECCO Member

Johan Burisch
Johan Burisch

The “United Registries for Clinical Assessment and Research” (UR-CARE) database is an IBDIM (IBD in Motion, the research unit of ECCO) initiative to facilitate daily patient care and research studies in IBD in centres and/or research groups across Europe. The UR-CARE database [1] offers comprehensive data collection, including data on disease characteristics, diagnostic procedures (such as endoscopy or imaging), medical and surgical treatments, and laboratory tests. Several databases developed for use in IBD already exist, but usually these have been implemented in clinical practice or research studies without validation. 

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UR-CARE Training Centre at ECCO'18

07 UR CARE LOGO website

Dear ECCO Friends,

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of you who stopped by at the UR-CARE Training Centre to familiarise yourselves with your potential own new patient registry for the future.  

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We have MORE THAN a dream – your pioneer IBD platform, UR-CARE, is online NOW!

Julián Panés, ECCO President; Filip Baert, UR-CARE Steering Committee

07 UR CARE LOGO website

Dear friends and colleagues,

UR-CARE is online NOW!

This international database offered to you by ECCO’s research unit (IBDIM) has been designed for your patient records and your research studies.

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