Interview with Edouard Louis from BIOCYCLE

Nuha Yassin, ECCO News Associate Editor

Nuha Yassin

Dear ECCO friends and family

Welcome to our Spring issue of ECCO News and our first publication of ECCO News for 2022. We hope that you've been keeping well, have enjoyed the ECCO Congress and are looking forward to our new installment of the editorial officers' interview corner.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Professor Edouard Louis, the bicycle and BIOCYCLE king. Prof Louis is the head of the department and a professor of Gastroenterology at University Hospital CHU of Liege, Belgium. He is well-known to us all with his previous ECCO Committee positions and his current role as an associate editor for JCC. One of the most exciting topics over the last few years was the BIOCYCLE project, which Prof Louis elaborates on during this interview. The interview format is the second of its kind in the fact that it's recorded for you to be able to watch or listen to at your leisure. We hope you enjoy joining us on this "Bi (O)cycle" ride. 

Best Wishes,

Nuha Yassin

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

ECCO News Associate Editor

Posted in ECCO News, Volume 17, Issue 1