Y-ECCO Members’ Address

Charlotte Hedin, Y-ECCO Chair

Charlotte Hedin

Dear Y-ECCO Friends,

I hope you have all had time to re-charge over the summer! ECCO'23 abstract submission is currently open, with a deadline of November 21. Basic science abstracts can be considered for an Oral Presentation during the 9th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop, which will be held on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, between 13:05 and 15:30 CET – please tick the box if you are a Y-ECCO Member and would like to be part of this great interactive session.

Of note, presentation at the Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop would be in addition to a Poster Presentation in the main programme. Furthermore, the top five abstracts with a Y-ECCO Member as presenting author will receive a Y-ECCO Abstract Award and free registration for the 19th Congress of ECCO 2024. Make sure you indicate whether you are eligible to be considered for this award – we look forward to reading your abstracts!

We are also looking forward to reading your Y-ECCO Small Research Survey Proposals (deadline: September 9, 2022). These surveys provide a great opportunity to tap into the huge ECCO Network to compare practices across Europe and gain insights into clinical realities. Another opportunity for Y-ECCOs is the yearly IBD Intensive Course for Trainees, which offers an opportunity to learn from the best IBD specialists in Europe. The deadline for this year’s course was September 1, but if you missed out this time, keep an eye out for the call for the 22nd course, which will run in 2024.

As always, look out for the excellent Y-ECCO Literature Reviews (written or podcast). In the previous issue of ECCO News, Aaron Bancil reviewed key findings of the Serene CD trial. Coming soon is the latest review from London pharmacist Esha Sharma, looking at antidepressant medication use in IBD. Get in touch if you have a review you’d like to contribute!

Best wishes,

Charlotte Hedin

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