Why should you become an N-ECCO Committee Member?

Simona Radice, N-ECCO Member and Ana Ibarra, ECCO Member

Simona Radice
Ana Ibarra

There are plenty of reasons why, as an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Nurse, you should consider applying for this position, the first and foremost being to make a difference to the IBD nursing service across Europe and ultimately change the lives of patients with IBD.

As an IBD specialist nurse, you have a lot to offer the Committee and the whole IBD Community. I am very sure that your experience fits the requirements for membership of the Committee and that you will be of great value to the organisation.

The N-ECCO Committee is looking for someone with some experience in the field who feels the need for a new challenge and an opportunity to use their personal experience and skills in order to contribute to the development of IBD nursing across Europe. Every new idea is welcome and offers fresh perspectives, which is what the Committee needs.

The team of nurses on the N-ECCO Committee will support you during your years as a Committee Member and you will learn lots from all of them. You could lead on different aspects and responsibilities within the Committee and make changes where you see fit.

If English is not your first language, you should not be worried as most of us are in the same boat and we will help you throughout.

My experience as an N-ECCO Member has been very rewarding. I have met incredible nurses and other members of the organisation who have helped me to develop my role as an IBD Nurse. Being part of the Committee has opened new opportunities to participate in a variety of projects that ECCO offers, such as updating guidelines or developing the IBD Nurse Curriculum.

If you are thinking about becoming an N-ECCO Committee Member but are still unsure whether this is something you want to do, I would suggest that you contact the Committee as I am sure we will be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

I would strongly recommend that you think about this opportunity as being an N-ECCO Committee Member will help you shape your IBD nursing skills and assist you in becoming a better IBD Nurse!

Ana Ibarra

I applied to become an N-ECCO Committee Member because, as an IBD Nurse, it is important to contribute not only locally but also nationally and internationally so that nursing culture can grow and spread within both the nursing profession and the population in general. As an N-ECCO Committee Member, you can contribute on the basis of your own experience, learn from the experience of others and participate in the implementation of new proposals and cultural and educational activities.

Furthermore, you can collaborate in the drafting of Congress activities and programmes, sharing responsibility with wonderful colleagues who you would otherwise not have the chance to meet.

The experience as an N-ECCO Member will help you to become more aware of your own potential and to express it fully within your daily work activities.

I urge everyone to apply because it is an experience that will fill you with pride and self-esteem.

And do not worry if English is not your native language: it is not mine, either!

Simona Radice

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