19th Congress of ECCO: Overview of Scientific and Educational Programmes

Brigida Barberio, ECCO News Associate Editor

Brigida Barberio
© Brigida Barberio

Dear IBD Colleagues and Friends, 

Warm greetings from the ECCO News Team!

This year, the entire ECCO Team has again worked hard to organise a top quality meeting, which will take place in the inclusive and welcoming city of Stockholm, home of environmental sustainability! Therefore, we would like to invite all of you to the 19th Congress of ECCO, to be held from February 21 to 24, 2024.

On this occasion, the ECCO Scientific Programme will be structured around the main topic “Crossing borders in IBD”. We want to cross borders because we are searching, because we want more, because we want to expand our horizons and because we want borderless research in IBD.

We will be focusing on how to define targets for therapy in 2024, on how IBD care differs across the world, on how the gut-brain axis can affect outcomes in IBD, on how to balance benefits and risks, and much more.

The programme will offer attendees cutting-edge basic science sessions, translational medicine sessions and clinical sessions and will provide a unique opportunity to listen to and learn from world-leading specialists in each scientific area of IBD, who will deliver science-based practical take-home messages.

To be held from February 22 to 24, the Scientific Programme will include all scientific sessions and oral presentations of the best abstracts of the Congress, as well as guided poster tours. As in every year, the Congress registration fee includes access to all scientific sessions.

Here are some of the Scientific Programme highlights:

Scientific Session 1: IBD therapy – crossing borders

Scientific Session 2: Defining targets for therapy in 2024

Scientific Session 3: IBD care across the world

Scientific Session 4: Balancing benefits and risks in 2024 throughout life

Scientific Session 5: Visualising IBD: ESGE-ECCO collaborative session on endoscopy

Scientific Session 6: Revisiting clinical trials in IBD

Scientific Session 7: Gut-brain axis – chicken or egg?

Scientific Session 8: IBD horizons

Scientific Session 9: Basic science: Metabolism meets intestinal inflammation

Scientific Session 10: Nutritional therapy – from paediatric to adult care

Scientific Session 11: Clinical challenges/cases

Scientific Session 12: ECCO Lecture

For your interest and convenience, a detailed version of the Scientific Programme can be found here: ECCO’24 Scientific Programme.

As usual, the Educational Programme will start prior to the official start of the ECCO Congress. This year it will once again offer a wide range of courses and workshops covering ECCO’s different interest groups, including young and adult gastroenterologists, surgeons, paediatricians, pathologists, IBD Nurses, dietitians, study coordinators, health professionals and scientists.

The ECCO’24 Educational Programme is very comprehensive, ranging from basic science to small bowel ultrasound and other radiological imaging techniques, challenges in endoscopy, nutrition, surgery, histology, multidisciplinary management in IBD and nurses’ strategic roles in IBD. In addition, it will again include the Basic Course for Industry and the IBD Intensive Course for Trainees.

Please note that some courses and workshops may run concurrently and that these educational activities have a limited registration capacity; therefore, we encourage you to register at your earliest convenience.

You can have a quick look at the ECCO’24 Educational Programme (February 21–23) by clicking on the links below:

5th ECCO Basic Imaging Workshop, in collaboration with ESGAR & IBUS – Group A and B

7th Basic ECCO: EduCational Course for Industry

7th EpiCom Workshop

8th N-ECCO Research Forum

9th ClinCom Workshop

9th D-ECCO Workshop

9th H-ECCO IBD Masterclass

10th Y-ECCO Science Workshop

11th ECCO Ultrasound Workshop Advanced in collaboration with ESGAR & IBUS

11th P-ECCO Educational Course

12th SciCom Workshop

13th S-ECCO IBD Masterclass

15th N-ECCO School

18th N-ECCO Network Meeting

22nd IBD Intensive Course for Trainees

Finally, we are relying on your involvement to help us exceed the record attendance achieved at the 18th Congress of ECCO! There is nothing better than coming to our Annual Congress to share, connect, support and learn about IBD.

So, border crossers, we are looking forward to welcoming all of you in Stockholm!

Brigida and the ECCO News Team

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