Report on the 8th N-ECCO Research Forum

Adriana Rivera Sequeiros, N-ECCO Committee Member

Adriana Rivera Sequeiros

On February 21 of this year, Stockholm became the hub for groundbreaking discussions at the 8th N-ECCO Research Forum during the 19th ECCO Congress. Designed to spotlight the pivotal role of specialised nursing in managing IBD, this biannual gathering underscored the importance of Europe-wide nursing collaboration in research and mentoring the next generation of IBD Research Nurses.


Presented by Wladyslawa Czuber-Dochan from the United Kingdom, this year's forum was a resounding success, drawing 89 professionals from across Europe. The event unfolded in three engaging sessions.

The day kicked off with a deep dive into the achievements of the N-ECCO Research Award winners from 2021, 2022 and 2023. The varied presentations showcased the frontiers of IBD nursing research, starting with Martha van Gaalen, a specialist paediatric IBD nurse from the Netherlands. She was followed by Rosanna Irene Comoretto, an assistant professor from Italy, and Zahira Pérez Martínez, an advanced practice nurse from Spain. Finally, Francisca Murciano Gonzalo presented an inspiring overview of Spanish initiatives to foster research among IBD Nurses.

The forum's later sessions were a masterclass in enhancing research quality and impact – from formulating the perfect PICO question to conducting systematic reviews. These discussions, led by Shellie Radford from the UK and Adriana Rivera Sequeiros from Spain, along with Wladyslawa Czuber-Dochan from the UK and Edouard Louis from Belgium, provided valuable advice on publishing research and obtaining grants.

Beyond knowledge sharing, the forum was a celebration of community, providing speakers, moderators and attendees with a platform to connect, collaborate and drive innovation in IBD care.

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    8th N-ECCO Research Forum at ECCO'24

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