A letter from the e-Learning Ambassador

Peter Irving, e-Learning Ambassador

Peter Irving
Peter Irving © ECCO

Dear ECCO Friends,

I am writing to you to thank you for attending the ECCO Congress in Copenhagen in March which was the biggest ECCO Congress to date and a wonderful success.

Among the many highlights of the Congress, our e-Learning platform was one to stand out as a record-year of new e-Learning content and functionality.

06 01 MASTER e Library

When you visit the e-Library, you will shortly find all presentations and webcasts for which speakers granted publication consent together with the Congress abstracts, ECCO papers published in JCC, Y-ECCO Literature Reviews published in ECCO News as well as other educational tools. The new e-Library facilitates user-friendly and high-quality search functions, building on a transparent indexing system for all material as of ECCO’16. Thematic categories used for the e-Library are broadly aligned with the ECCO IBD Curriculum categories and constitute the backbone of the search function. The predefined keywords ensure that the same terminology is used across the whole content of the e-Library to facilitate free text search.

Other highlights from the 14th Congress of ECCO include the recording of new Talking Heads videos on the following topics:

MASTER Talking Heads
  • Top Strategy Trials (2nd edition)
  • Postoperative Management of CD
  • Mechanisms of Future Drugs
  • Scientific Highlights of ECCO’19


4 TH Bettenworth Mansfield

6 TH Ferrante Kotze Kopylov

7 TH Dotan Fiorino 8 TH Danese Panes

In continuation of our series of the Transatlantic Talking Heads, in collaboration with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, we captured a great discussion between European and American IBD experts. This time two surgeons talked about “Early Surgery in Ileal CD”.

5 TTH Michelassi Bemelmann Irving

Also, do not miss out on the latest Educational Audio Podcasts which covered these interesting matters:

MASTER Educational Audio Podcasts
  • Vaccination and IBD
  • Psychological Issues in IBD
  • Surgical Trends in the Biologic Era
  • Non-pharmacological Interventions in IBD


16 AudioPodcast BV 14 AudioPodcast PJ
17 AudioPodcast MA 15 AudioPodcast AH

MASTER e Courses

Another item appearing on the e-CCO Learning Platform this Spring is the new e-Course on Interventional Endoscopy in IBD authored by Marietta Iacucci, Rosanna Cannatelli, Takyuki Matsumoto, Toshio Uraoka, Paulo Kotze and Bo Shen.



Finally, I'd like to remind you of other e-Learning elements that are currently in the production pipeline including four new Skills Videos, Webcasts and re-launch of our e-Library. ECCO always strives to keep abreast on the latest developments in IBD that are then reflected on the e-Learning platform, so keep yourself up to date by visiting the e-Learning site and making use of the wealth of educational resources that are available to you as an ECCO member.

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