New JCC feature: Podcasts

Tim Raine, JCC Associate Editor

Tim Raine wrc 2016
Tim Raine 

We are excited to announce this new feature to support readers of the Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis (JCC). Since January, key papers accepted for publication in the journal are being accompanied by a short (5-7 minute) audio recording, made available from the Journal homepage.

In this recording, the authors of the paper discuss their findings and provide some context and insight into their work. The recordings appear online around the same time as the articles appear for the first time on the platform (as Advance articles).

The latest podcasts appear on the Journal homepage, and we are maintaining an archive of previous recordings that will be available to browse, free of charge. We hope that over time,  this archive will grow into an interesting and rich resource for our readers, as well as a new means for members of the community to hear about upcoming research in the JCC.

Recordings so far include David Rubin discussing third line use of ciclosporin in Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis, Ramit Mahajan describing a randomised study of faecal microbial transplantation as maintenance therapy in Ulcerative Colitis, Lihi Godny discussing her interesting findings on fruit consumption, microbial diversity and recurrent pouchitis and Alka Potdar and  Janine Bilsborough talking about their work on the molecular sub-classification of Crohn’s Disease.

Keep your eyes open for new JCC Podcasts on the JCC website!

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