Privacy and your ECCO Membership

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At ECCO, we process your data in line with the principles of transparency and fairness. When becoming a member of ECCO, you are asked to provide your contact information, which enables us to correctly identify you in our database. We do not pass on any of your data to external parties, unless this is necessary to ensure the correct processing and safe-keeping of your information. You can find more detailed information in the ECCO Data Privacy Statement.

So why is it important that you provide us with your data?

When creating an account you will receive your log in details, which will enable you to access the restricted Member’s Area on the ECCO Website, the e-CCO Learning Platform, JCC online and the registration portal for the ECCO Congress. We want to make sure that you enjoy access to all these initiatives, as well as receive the reduced member congress registration fee. This is only possible when our system identifies you correctly as an ECCO Member. 

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You can access and amend all of your personal data through the “PROFILE” page in the ECCO Member’s Area on the ECCO Website. There, you can also subscribe and unsubscribe from receiving the ECCO eNewsletter at any given point.

We invite you to log in, check your data and make sure we have your most up-to-date personal and contact information. Thank you for your help!

Posted in ECCO News, Volume 13, Issue 3