Open Call for the UR-CARE Steering Committee (- the official Advisory Board of IBDIM)

Filip Baert, Britta Siegmund, Ebbe Langholz and Javier Gisbert

We hereby cordially invite you to consider applying for the 4 open positions on the UR-CARE Steering Committee (= the official IBDIM Advisory Board). The office period lasts for 2 “elect Member years” and 4 official years, starting with the calendar year 2022.

This call is open for applications by individual experts, who are supported by one of the ECCO Committees. The applicant serves as an individual expert and not in direct representation of the committee.

The application deadline is September 13, 2021.

As UR-CARE is the flagship project of IBD in Motion - IBDIM GmbH (a daughter business unit of ECCO dedicated to research) and as UR-CARE truly became operational in 2017, efforts were started in parallel to establish the structural basis of IBDIM with a perspective towards future growth and success.

The position of the IBDIM Managing Director had to be assumed by somebody fully familiar with UR-CARE but not holding an active ECCO Committee or GB Position anymore. The nature of the IBDIM Managing Director position additionally generated the need for a long-term commitment beyond the usual office terms of ECCO: in 2018, Filip Baert assumed the position IBDIM Managing Director.

For the UR-CARE Steering Committee, the necessity became evident that it should assume the role of the official Advisory Board of IBDIM, while the core task of ensuring fair use of UR-CARE persists:

  • Promotion and support of the UR-CARE project
  • Continuous Liaison with ECCO Committees
  • Continuous Liaison with Study Groups
  • Supporting the IBDIM Managing Director in monitoring the performance of UR-CARE suppliers and to ensure alignment with the original purpose of UR-CARE as stated in the UR-CARE Contract
  • Approval and set-up of additional variable fields in the UR-CARE core part
  • Approval of feasibility queries based on UR-CARE data (i.e. for calculating the sample size of a study project)
  • Approval of retrospective study project proposals for multicentre studies with non-affiliated centres
  • Reviewing prospective study proposals
  • Reviewing industry requests as defined in the UR-CARE Contract at international level.

With these new structures UR-CARE is on good path to become the tool for the IBD Community and to serve also study ideas of ECCO Officers in the Committees in the form of individual research projects.

We are looking forward to your applications.

On behalf of Filip Baert, Britta Siegmund, Ebbe Langholz and Javier Gisbert

  • UR-CARE Steering Committee 2017

    L to R: Filip Baert, Britta Siegmund, Ebbe Langholz and Javier Gisbert

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