A letter from the e-Learning Ambassador

Pascal Juillerat, e-Learning Ambassador

Pascal Juillerat 

Dear ECCO Members,

Greetings to you and your families! I am sure you are all looking forward to the holidays and spending some quality time with all your loved ones.

I am excited to announce our revamped e-CCO Learning Platform!

With the new, and completely re-designed website, everything you need is now just one click away. The three main pillars of the e-Learning platform are now front and centre: The IBD Curriculum is here to serve you! It is a complete and comprehensive curriculum which outlines the need-to-know for gastroenterologists in order to develop expertise in the field of IBD. The e-Guide is a practical tool to help you manage IBD patients by visualising the ECCO Guidelines as algorithms based on the main UC and CD ECCO Guidelines. Of course, the guidance given by the ECCO e-Guide is based on evidence and validated processes. The e-Library, is your portal to access our large selection of IBD content! Anything from Congress Presentations, Videos, Podcasts, Tools and Skills, Congress Abstracts and much more!

With the re-designed website, you are now able to access all of the content with your mobile phone or tablet, too.

As always, here is a list of the new e-Learning content:

In the latest Talking Heads you can find:

MASTER Talking Heads

Scientific Highlights ECCO'22 Congress

De-escalation in IBD Therapy

Additionally, we have a new and exciting Educational Audio Podcast to announce:

MASTER Educational Audio Podcasts

MASTER Educational Audio Podcasts 1

Finally, some new and interactive online courses have recently been made available on the e-Courses page:

MASTER e_Course

Clinicopathological spectrum and differential diognosis in IBD

The e-CCO Learning Platform currently offers 20+ Educational audio podcasts, 50+ e-Courses, 60+ Talking Heads, and 15+ Skills Videos. We also have new and stimulating content due to be released very soon, including e-Courses on Multidisciplinary Perinatal Care in IBD, Roadmap to Perioperative Care in IBD, and IBD and Malignancies.

Don’t forget to register for the ECCO’23 Congress in Copenhagen if you haven’t already done so! You can watch the Congress Teaser here.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

Yours truly,

Pascal Juillerat

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