The Nurse IBD Curriculum

Susanna Jäghult, ECCO Member and Marie Andersson, N-ECCO Member

 Susanna Jäghult

Marie Andersson

The e-CCO Learning Platform is fantastic and a real goldmine! The number of activities is enormous, all of them of high quality. The N-ECCO Committee has started to discuss how this goldmine can best be made available to IBD Nurses around Europe.

We know that there is a wide need for education at different levels since IBD Nurses have varying backgrounds. Therefore, we need to create a good structure that will enable IBD Nurses to find the e-learning activities most applicable to their requirements. On the e-CCO Learning Platform there is the perfect guide to and support for the available e-learning activities, namely the IBD Curriculum. The IBD Curriculum contains 16 topics with several learning objectives for each topic. And for each learning objective you can find different kinds of e-learning activity, including e-Courses, Talking Heads, Podcasts and similar. The N-ECCO Committee began by looking at the original IBD Curriculum and decided to use this but to adapt it to the needs of IBD Nurses.

We started by examining the original topics and decided to keep all of them since they are relevant to IBD Nurses as well. Then we created learning objectives for each topic and in accordance with the N-ECCO Consensus Statements. The next step was to find e-learning activities for each learning objective. Each member was assigned to find e-learning activities for four or five topics. We looked at Podcasts, Talking Heads, e-Courses and presentations from earlier ECCO Congresses and linked suitable activities to all learning objectives. We also decided to review each other’s work, which meant switching topics with each other and repeating the search. We identified gaps in that we were unable to find any e-learning activities for some learning objectives. We also decided to highlight whether the learning objective required basic or advanced learning. The aim of this was to further help IBD Nurses in finding the e-learning activities most appropriate to their perspective and skills.

We have now completed the Nurse IBD Curriculum! The gaps that we have identified will be addressed, and hopefully we will be able to present some new e-learning activities during 2023. The N-ECCO Committee will continue working to ensure the availability of high-quality educational activities for IBD Nurses, including both face-to-face and e-learning activities. Keep your eyes on the e-CCO Learning Platform: soon the Nurse IBD Curriculum will be available for you all!

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