What we do – Education

Annual Congress of ECCO

Every February/March, we organise the ECCO Congress representing a key date on the international IBD calendar. We have organised 17 Congresses so far, attracting a very large number of attendees with expertise in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases from 104 countries. The last Congress, organised virtually in February, 2022, attracted 5,892 participants (incl. exhibitors).
ECCO provides a balanced scientific programme including a range of symposia, as well as excellent training opportunities, moreover the congress is an excellent networking opportunity for the best European gastroenterologists and IBD experts.

  • ECCO’22 Virtual - Congress participants 5892

    ECCO’22 Virtual - Congress participants 5892

    ECCO Congress participants (Source: ECCO Office)

  • Top 20 Countries at ECCO’22 Virtual

    Top 20 Countries at ECCO’22 Virtual

    Statistical overview – Top 20 countries at ECCO’22 Virtual (Source: ECCO Office)

    The industry exhibition is a key event for Corporate Members and industry partners, offering the opportunity to network face-to-face with purchasing decision makers in the field of IBD. The continuous increase in congress participation is evidence of the dynamic spirit of ECCO. Our membership has grown not only with gastroenterologists, but with other professions such as paediatric specialists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and scientists interested in IBD.

    Upcoming Congress of ECCO

    With its steadily increasing number of participants, the ECCO Congress has become the leading world congress for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and we look forward to welcoming you to a highly diverse programme with a major focus on precision medicine for IBD. The 18th Congress of ECCO, which will be a physical congress after more than two years of virtual meetings, taking place in Copenhagen from February 1-4, 2023. We will have a fascinating Scientific Programme revolving around the theme "Sequencing in IBD" held by the best professionals in the field of IBD and gastroenterology. In parallel, the 15 courses included in our well-known and very demanded Educational Programme will offer again a unique learning experience to the participants.

    For further details about the congress please visit the ECCO´23 homepage.

    ECCO Exhibitor & Sponsor Prospectus

    After ECCO´21 the ECCO team has been working on digitalizing the Sponsorship & Exhibitor prospectus to ensure user-friendly handling of bookings. Starting with ECCO´21 bookings are possible via the new Industry Webshop instead of pdf based forms. As always, our Congress offers numerous advertising options to reach KOL’s, as well as the whole IBD Community.

    In the Industry Webshop of ECCO´23 you can book exhibition space, satellite symposia slots, venue branding and several other sponsorship items.

    Educational courses

    Below you may see a short description of our educational courses held at the Congress. For more information and more detailed programme, please visit the ECCO´23 website.

    ECCO: EduCational Course for Industry

    The ECCO: EduCational COurses for Industry are organised by ClinCom and are split up between the Basic and the Advanced ECCO: EduCational COurse for Industry. Both courses take place every other year.

    Basic ECCO: EduCational COurse for Industry: This educational course is a practical introduction to IBD for colleagues in industry that covers a broad range of topics. Participants may be non-medical or medically qualified without experience in IBD.

    Advanced ECCO: EduCational COurse for Industry: This educational course is an advanced module of the Basic ECCO: EduCational COurse for Industry. It is a 4-hour highly interactive session between Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and industry. Each topic is introduced in a short overview talk by one KOL and is followed by an interactive panel discussion between ECCO-KOLs and industry.

    D-ECCO Workshop

    The D-ECCO Workshop provides the opportunity to reach and educate dietitians, IBD Nurses and physicians from across Europe. The course has been conceptualised by the Dietitians of ECCO (D-ECCO).

    Guideline Methodology and GRADE Workshop

    Under the supervision of the Guidelines Committee (GuiCom), we are running the second Guideline Methodology and GRADE Workshop specifically designed to offer ECCO Members the opportunity to increase their awareness and knowledge of the GRADE clinical guideline development methodology.

    H-ECCO IBD Masterclass

    The H-ECCO IBD Masterclass is organised by the Histopathologists of ECCO (H-ECCO). This 1.5 day course covers different topics under the broad heading of IBD pathology. The goal of the H-ECCO IBD Masterclass is the engagement and the achievement of higher standards of histopathological reporting of IBD.

    IBD Intensive Course for Trainees

    The annual IBD Intensive Course for Trainees is a 1 day course which takes place prior to the Scientific Programme of the ECCO Congress. It was initiated in 2003, with the general aim to provide junior faculty in gastroenterology with a multidisciplinary broad base of knowledge in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Participation is upon invitation only; students are nominated by the ECCO National Representatives.

    ECCO Postgraduate Course

    The ECCO Postgraduate Course debuted at ECCO’21 to provide multidisciplinary and practice-oriented education for experienced gastroenterologists with an interest in IBD.

    N-ECCO School

    The N-ECCO School gives nurses who might still be in training and have an interest in IBD the possibility to attend an IBD focused course. Since 2016, dietitians also are invited to join this course. Participation is based upon invitation as nurses are nominated by the N-ECCO National Representatives.

    N-ECCO Network Meeting

    The N-ECCO Network Meeting provides educational and networking opportunities and covers all aspects of IBD with a mix of presentations from nursing, medical, surgical and paediatric specialties.

    ECCO-AOCC Forum

    The ECCO-AOCC Forum is a cooperation between the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation and the Asian Organization for Crohn’s & Colitis. The biennial forum aims to foster networking and the exchange of knowledge and resources worldwide.

    P-ECCO Educational Course

    The P-ECCO Educational Course, launched by the Paediatric Committee (P-ECCO) brings paediatric treatments closer to adult physicians as well as IBD Nurses and offers continuous medical education with the ultimate aim of providing a smooth transition from paediatric to adult care. In 2022 the theme of the course will be “Paediatric IBD, when the going gets tough".

    S-ECCO IBD Masterclass

    The S-ECCO IBD Masterclass is organised by the Surgeons of ECCO (S-ECCO). The aim of this Masterclass is to foster the results of a multidisciplinary approach and it offers hot debates, trial updates and free papers.

    Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop

    At the 17th Congress of ECCO, Y-ECCO will organise its eights Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop. This workshop offers basic science a more visible platform within ECCO at the ECCO Congress. Invited young basic scientists are given the opportunity to present and discuss their own research with peers and senior opinion leaders.

    ECCO Ultrasound and Basic Imaging Workshops

    The ECCO Ultrasound and Basic Imaging Workshops are organised by the Education Committee (EduCom). These workshops are devoted to the features and advancements of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy as well as bowel ultrasonography and MRI. Real cases place the use of these elements within the clinical context.

    SciCom Workshops

    The SciCom Workshops are organised by the Scientific Committee (SciCom) and focus on different topics each year with the primary goal of harmonising IBD practices within ECCO Country Members and providing continuous medical education.

    School for Clinical Trialists

    The School for Clinical Trialists is organised by the Clinical Research Committee (ClinCom) with the aim of improving education on clinical trials throughout Europe. With this activity, ECCO intends to offer delegates who have an interest in clinical trials the possibility to learn about clinical trial terminology and processes and how to optimise recruitment to clinical trials in IBD.

    EpiCom Workshop

    The course is designed for clinicians and researchers with an interest in clinical application of epidemiology and identifying gaps in knowledge for future research. The workshop takes place every two years at the ECCO congress covering a range of epidemiologic topics.

    ClinCom Workshop

    The ClinCom Workshop is organised for clinicians (gastroenterologists, surgeons, clinical researchers, and paediatricians) who are active in clinical trials and wish to share their experience with peers and colleagues. The ClinCom Workshop takes place every other year at the ECCO Congress. Participants take home full knowledge on how to set a feasible trial, how to handle biological material, and how to deal with ethical requirements.

    N-ECCO Research Forum

    The aim of this meeting is to encourage networking between nurses across Europe and internationally, to share development, design and delivery of nurse research, to promote collaboration of research nurse studies, and to mentor new nurses in research within IBD.

    ECCO Educational Workshops

    The primary goal of this educational activity is the implementation of the ECCO Guidelines on Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. The programme of these workshops is created around clinical cases, with the intention of being as educational and interactive as possible, to allow participants to take active part in the discussions. Every year, four to five ECCO Educational Workshops are organised within Europe and one to two are held outside of Europe.

    e-CCO Learning

    To foster learning and align practices with the ECCO Guidelines, we have been developing an e-Learning platform comprising a searchable e-Library that contains multimedia reference material in conjunction with interactive case-based e-Courses. This comprehensive platform offers our members easy access to high-level, up-to-date educational material.