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ECCO Fellowships, Grants and Travel Awards

ECCO holds an annual competition offering Fellowships, Grants and Travel Awards to encourage early career scientists, and to promote innovative scientific research in IBD in Europe.

The Pioneer Award is our most prestigious award for visionary, innovative and interdisciplinary research in IBD. With a 2-year programme support this award is available for research in a single centre institute or as a collaboration (multi-centre). ECCO Pioneer Award recipients receive a total amount of EUR 300,000.-.

NEW! The Global Grant was introduced to expand and strengthen the global network of ECCO through research partnerships between centres in ECCO Member Countries and non-ECCO Member low income or lower-middle income countries (as defined by the World Bank). The ECCO Global Grant project may focus on aspects of IBD pathogenesis (e.g. environmental impact, genetics), epidemiology and/or clinical care, among others. The first award will be presented at ECCO'24. ECCO Global Grant recipients are awarded a total amount of EUR 300,000.-.

ECCO Fellowships are created for individuals younger than 40 years of age, who submit an original research project, which they wish to undertake abroad in a European host institute. The institute will host and guide the fellow for one year and is responsible together with the fellow for the successful completion of the project. Fellowship recipients receive a total amount of EUR 60,000.-.

ECCO Grants are created to support good, 1-year basic science, translational or clinical research projects in ECCO Member Countries, also for scientists, who are not yet 40 years of age. Research is typically completed directly in the institution of the applicant. ECCO Grant recipients are awarded a total amount of EUR 80,000.-.

The N-ECCO Research Grant has been introduced for IBD Nurses to enhance their opportunity to be involved in international research projects across Europe. The aim is to engage IBD nurses who are less experienced in carrying out research, to conduct proper systematic research under mentorship of a senior researcher. The total amount of EUR 20,000.- can be given to one big project, or split between two smaller projects.

The D-ECCO Research Grant offers dietitians, who have less experience in carrying out research, the opportunity to conduct proper systematic research projects on an international level under mentorship of a senior researcher. The total amount of EUR 20,000.- can be given to one project.

Travel Awards give investigators who are not yet 40 years of age the opportunity to visit different IBD centres across Europe, to learn scientific techniques or be clinical observers. Travel Award recipients receive a total amount of EUR 1,500.-.

The N-ECCO Travel Award enables one IBD Nurse member of ECCO per year to visit another European centre to observe nursing care. Observational learning is essential for development as an IBD Nurse and this is a fantastic opportunity to gain financial support to do so. The N-ECCO Travel Awards recipient will receive a total of EUR 1,500.-.

The D-ECCO Travel Award provides support to one dietitian to visit different IBD Centres across Europe and to observe and learn about diet and nutrition in IBD. The D-ECCO Travel Award recipient will receive a total of EUR 1,500.-.

For more details on ECCO grant and awards, please visit ECCO Fellowships & Grants.

If you are interested in supporting early career scientists physicians and promoting innovative scientific research in IBD, please contact the ECCO Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


JCC – Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis is the official journal of ECCO and is concerned with the dissemination of knowledge on clinical, basic science, and innovative methods related to IBD. The journal publishes Original Articles, Review Articles, Editorials, Viewpoints, ECCO-originated papers, Short Reports, Abstracts and Letters to the Editor. JCC issues are published 12 times a year and cover the knowledge and science related to IBD: The aims are to update, innovate and challenge.

JCC has received an Impact Factor of 8.0 in 2022.

ECCO News is the society magazine of ECCO published quarterly and available online. The ambition of ECCO News is to reflect on current activities of the organisation and to report on the latest resources and information about IBD at large within Europe.

With this periodical publication ECCO opens a new way to maintain the information-flow on the activities taking place within the society - keeping its members up-to-date as well as all gastroenterologists, surgeons, paediatricians, basic scientists and nurses worldwide interested in IBD.